How to Design a Bathroom Floor Tile Pattern

Many beautifully decorated bathrooms have the same diamond in the rough that is largely responsible for their glory: an equally beautifully tiled floor. When deciding to tile your bathroom floor, you will first need to identify the theme you want for your bathroom. Is an earthy, Tuscan design what you are looking for? Or maybe you want something that is clean-feeling, more like a spa. The theme you decide on will largely be the determining factor for the type of tiles you select. Once you have a theme, you will also need to pick three to five colors that you would like to incorporate into your bathroom d�©cor.

Now that you have your theme and your colors, you are ready to select your tile. There are a wide variety of tiles that you can choose from, each having a personality all their own. Ceramic tiles are the most common choice because of their high durability and simplicity to clean. They also tend to be less slippery. These tiles come in almost any color you can dream of, so they are wonderful selections if you are planning to do a distinctive pattern on your floor.

If you are looking for something that has a little softer feel, you may want to consider glazed porcelain stone. These tiles are also slip and scratch resistant, and have a warm, romantic feel. They work very well in seashore themed bathrooms, as they can mimic the soft, natural earthiness of pale sand.

Glass tiles have a very magical look, and are available in many iridescent shades that range from the colors on the inside of an oyster shell, to darker blacks and shiny purples. The iridescence is a recurring them in most glass tiles; lighter shades work well in seashore themed or spa-like bathrooms, and the darker shades create a mystery that can be alluring and romantic. These tiles can be purchased at

For a sturdy and multicolored look, consider granite tiles. They come in many shades of blue, gray, black, pink, and red, and have specks throughout them. Marble tiles come in similar colors, but their accents tend be more like multicolored smears as opposed to the flecks characteristic of granite. Marble adds a touch of class and elegance to a home, and is a good choice for creating a floor mosaic. You can also find artificial marble tiles, which are made from porcelain and have a simpler upkeep while still maintaining a high level of durability.

You can also choose a terracotta tile, which is absolutely perfect in a Tuscan themed home, as it has a rich, red, earthy color and feel. Whatever tile you choose, be sure that it is glazed-unglazed tiles absorb stains. It is also important to ensure that the tile you order is from the same batch, to avoid any potential disparities in color or size.

Once you have selected your tile, there are a few options you can consider for the pattern. If you have a tile like the granite or marble that is already multicolored, or if you want a solid color of whatever tile you choose, you may opt for a floor-wide pattern. With this pattern, you use one type of tile and pattern it consistently across the entire floor. You can also do a variation of this pattern where you incorporate varying sizes, shapes, or colors of tile and pattern them consistently across the floor. This method works well with ceramic tile.

You can also do a pattern that is the same throughout most of the floor, but has a border of different tile around the edge. This is a nice way to add a little flair without sacrificing the easy beauty of simplicity. Finally, you may decide on a pattern that involves different types of tiles making up a design in the center of the room. This works great for larger expanses of space, or if you are creating a mosaic.

Tiles come in many different shapes to choose from: rectangles, octagons, hexagons, and squares. Small diamond shapes work wonderfully for accent pieces. You can also find grout in a variety of colors, and may allow that to be influential in your design. When you are working out the design for your tiles, it’s a good idea to draw it out on paper first. This will give you some visualization of what the design as a whole is going to look like. Once you have done this, lay the tiles out in a mock pattern before applying the grout to see a preview of the finished product. After making any last minute changes, set the tile in the design that you have created and sit back to enjoy your personalized, beautiful new bathroom floor!

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