How to Discover Your Aura Color and Interpret It

To see your own aura you need to have mental clarity and an open mind. You can use two different methods to discover your aura color, both ways you will need a chair and a mirror that you can place so that your upper chest and head are visible.

Sit in a room that is neither dark, nor very bright. I dimly lit room with a white backdrop behind you will make this most easiest.

The first method requires you to sit in the chair facing the mirror. Take some deep slow breaths to calm your heart and body. Your calm down period should last a few minutes. Don’t talk, look around, listen to outside noise, etc. Channel everything out and just focus on creating a quite calm in your mind. Relax your muscles so that you are most comfortable as well. Easily and steadily gaze into the mirror and stare just around your body. Your aura will almost appear as a white glow at first.

Don’t stare directly at yourself, just around you, almost as if you are looking at the wall behind you. Slowly you will see the white, and then you may see a color as well! After you have a clear understanding of what color you have seen, refer later on to the legend of colors to determine what your aura means!

The second method is a little different approach, and may be more difficult or nearly impossible for some. Again sit in a chair comfortably, with light walls, and dim lighting. Get yourself into a deep relaxed state of mind and then take your two hands and squeeze them together, not interlacing your fingers, just grasping your hands together.

When you start to feel a sort of “energy” switch your hands so that your grasp is opposite and continue to build your energy. To be able to feel this you must keep a clear, open mind. Continue to hold until you feel that you cannot hold them together anymore, this is your built up energy! Drop your arms to your side calmly and then bring them to your chest, palms facing each other, but not touching. Move your hands close together until you feel a resistance, but do not touch them together! Bring your gaze to your hands, study the aura that is glowing around your hands, it won’t be neon bright light, just a slight glow. Study the color and refer to the legend to understand the meaning of your color.

If you have you have trouble seeing your aura, try practicing with the moon or a candle. Gaze into a soft light until you can see a glow grow around the light. Meditation on a regular basis is also a plus. Taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or eating unhealthy will make it next to impossible to see your aura, or even diminish your aura completely, for our aura’s are the positive energy coming off our bodies!!

Now for the color legend:

Notice red in the aura. Red can mean that the person is physically active as well as sexually passionate. On the negative side it can indicate anger as well as a materialistic nature.

Observe yellow in the aura. Yellow is the color of joy and happiness. It indicates a generous and free spirit. It also indicates a peaceful nature as well as a high intellect.

Look for green in the aura. Green is the color of healing. A person with a good bit of green in the aura may be a natural healer. This also indicates a natural gardener, someone who has a green thumb and is good with plants and nature. Green is also an indication of a peaceful nature. On the negative side green can be the color of jealousy.

Notice orange in the aura. Orange is the color of creativity, expression and inspiration. On the negative side it can represent power and a controlling nature.

Observe blue in the aura. Blue is the color of balance and healing. It often represents a relaxed nature. On the negative side blue could represent depression.

Purple is the color of spirituality. Primarily it represents a positive nature. In a negative aspect it could represent buried emotions resulting from trauma or negative experiences that have become buried deep within the subconscious.

Notice if white is present in the aura. White can represent purity. In its negative aspect it can indicate illness or an imbalance of some sort.

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