How to Donate Furniture

Donating unused or unwanted furniture is a great way to help the community. Clearing excess furniture and clutter can help to create more space in your home. Whatever your reasons for no longer needing the furniture, choose how you want to give it a new life. Here are 4 tips to help you quickly eliminate your furniture problems.


Think about which charities in your neighborhood actually are helping members of the community. Perhaps there is a local thrift store whose proceeds benefit the local hospital, battered women’s shelter, or the homeless. Goodwill Stores hire local people in the area who are having challenges reentering the workforce. Larger charity shops may have a website with a mission statement that tells you how their proceeds benefit the community.

Exit Strategy

Once you have decided upon a charity, start making phone calls. Larger established companies have free furniture pick up. These services may be offered daily, once a month, or quarterly. Schedule a pick up. If there are no local charities that will pick up your furniture, find someone who would like to have the furniture.


Tell the entire community that you are offering free furniture. Use the power of the internet and about 10 minutes to do this. has a free section on their website. Take a digital picture of the furniture from a few angles. Write a very short description of the furniture. Be sure to include the measurements and truthful condition. These details will help people to feel confident that this furniture will fit into their homes. List all matching items that go with the furniture. For example slip covers, comforter sets, or home d�©cor accessories.


Check your email as much as possible throughout the next few days. Quickly respond back to any Inquiry. Free furniture in good working condition will not last long. Some one will come and pick it up. Give the recipient a strict time line of when to come and pick it up. Let them know if it is not picked up, you will be emailing the next person in line with the pick up instructions.

Donating your unwanted furniture is a great way to help the environment. You are helping by keeping furniture that can be re-purposed out of landfills and junkyards. When that is not possible, simply giving it away is a great way to help someone in need. Use these great tips to find solutions for your unwanted furniture.

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