How to End Forgetfulness!

Are you familiar with the phrase that says, “You would forget your head if it was not screwed on?” Do you often get frustrated and upset because you forgot to do something that is very important? You know that you are human but that is not comforting, especially when you forget to do something that is very important. Guess what? There are methods you can use to get the most out of your brain’s capabilities.

One method you can use to boost your memory is to use a lot of visualization. Form an image of every important thing that you observe and learn. Visualize all of the steps that are included in the process of a task that you are currently learning.

You can boost your memory by frequently using notes mentally. If you have something very important that you need to do later, it would help to frequently tell yourself what you need to do. For example, after I wear a set of three white sweaters in the drawer under my bed, I sometimes tell myself, “The next time I wash white clothes, I will need to wash my three white sweaters.” Thanks to doing this, I do not forget to wash those sweaters the next time I wash my underwear and white socks.

A better way to remember to wash all of the clothes you need to wash on a certain night is to write and leave notes for yourself. For example, if I know that I will have to wash the sweaters in my dresser along with my pants later on in the day when I get home, I will write and put a note on my bed that says, “Wash your pants and your first set of sweaters tonight.” That note absolutely stops me from forgetting to wash everything that I need to wash that day. If there are several tasks that you must complete at your job on a certain day, write a checklist that includes every task that has to be done and keep it in plain sight. Put a checkmark next to each task that you have completed. If you leave your checklist in a visible spot and look at it before it is time to go home, there is no way that you can forget to do anything that you must do.

You can also boost your memory by using a lot of repetition. After someone you meet tells you his or her name, practice mentioning the person’s first name throughout your conversation. If you are a student, use repetition when you are studying your notes and reading your textbooks. Read the notes and textbook sentences to yourself backwards to prevent being caught off guard on a test if the questions are formatted differently from the way that your teacher or textbook presented the material.

Get busy putting these methods to use! You no longer have a valid excuse for forgetting to do the things that you must do.

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