How to Fight A Speeding Ticket

When you hear the words “license and registration please” you think of one thing: insurance rates going up.

But how can you fight a speeding ticket (or any ticket for that matter) if you pleade not guilty?

There are numerous books out there claiming you can fight a ticket – no matter how big or how small. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to spend $20 at the bookstore – just use some of these tips and you should get out with a lesser fine, nothing on your insurance, and sometimes the ticket dismissed all together.

1) Do not go in acting cocky. Go in and be friendly to the prosecutor or judge. Use your good manners, as if you were interviewing for a job you wanted.

2) Ask for the deposition and police report. The court should have these readily on hand. If they don’t most courts will dismiss the case.

3) Offer to give the money fromt he ticket to a charity. This usually works very well. Most of the time they will knock down the fee, and your insurance will not be notified. $50 to your favorite charity is much better than $50 every month added onto your insurance premiums.

4) Come prepared, know your rights and your story. Be respectful.

5) Get to the courthouse early-if you are one of the first in either at the beginning of the day or after the lunch break, they might be more lenient.

6) If you are not satisfied, request a trial. Courts will try there best NOT to go to trial. You may be able to negotiate your way out of the ticket by requesting a trial.

Don’t be nervous – they can smell fear. Follow these steps and you can FIGHT THAT TICKET!

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