How to Find Cheap Homes

Looking for the perfect home, when money is no object, can be a difficult enough challenge but hunting a home that’s affordable when you don’t have a lot of cash can be quite a daunting task. Although going to a realtor usually means a mark-up on the price of the house some realtors have a list of “not-so-desirable” houses that can be purchased cheaply. These houses usually need repairs, have an old barn that needs torn down, or have simply been left to become overgrown with weeds.

Often the houses are perfectly sound but need a good coat of paint and some inside repair work. If you’re talented at doing minor repair work these homes are great bargains. Even if you have to hire someone to do the work the price to re-beautify the home is usually much cheaper than a realtor’s price on a refurbished house. When calling realtors state the price range and other specifics you have in mind for the house.

On weekends drive around the town and countryside. Sometimes people list their own homes for sale rather than going through realtors and you’re likely to see simple “House For Sale” signs posted in windows and yards. And, keep an eye out for abandoned houses that seem to be repairable. Ask at neighboring houses for the name of the owner then make an offer. You’ll be surprised at how much cheaper houses are when you don’t have to pay the realtor fee.

When economic times are hard many people are forced to sell their homes below the actual value. Although it’s unfortunate for the former owner it can be the perfect market for home buyers. Often these houses are sold by the owner through the local paper or other advertising. Keep in mind that the list price isn’t always the lowest price acceptable.

If you want a beautiful home but simply can’t afford today’s prices consider purchasing a manufactured home. Mobile homes of the past are not the mobile homes of today. Sunken tubs, fireplaces, modern kitchens and three or more bedrooms are features of today’s manufactured home. You must first own a piece of land with water and electric facilities. The homes range from $40,000 to $125,000 and the new owner chooses the wallpaper, carpet and other decor. The homes can be ordered complete with furniture and accessories. Although manufactured homes do not hold their value as well as a brick or wood house they use many of the same building supplies as constructed houses. Most counties require the homes to be set onto concrete pads and anchored into place to make it more secure. Brick underpinning is another requirement in most states making the homes appear more like actual houses with brick foundations. Other state requirements can include a deck at front and back doors along with a pitched, shingled roof.

Run an ad in area newspapers stating what type of house you’re looking for and acceptable price ranges. You’d be surprised at how many people have considered selling their home but just never made that final decision until they see your ad. State how many bedrooms you’re seeking, country or city settings, whether the house needs to be nearby schools or shopping and other requirements. This way you don’t receive a barrage of calls – none pertaining to what you had in mind.

Finding a great deal on a marvelous home can be challenging. Utilize online resources, local newspapers, realtors and other advertising to find what you want. Have a qualified professional examine any fixer-uppers to be sure they are sound. Get estimates on the cost of refurbishing homes that have been neglected before sealing the deal.

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