How to Find a Great and Cheap Plumber

If you’re looking for how to find a great and cheap plumber then you’ll need to know what to look out for. Plumbers will often try and take advantage of your lack of knowledge and as a result you might end up spending way more money that you need to. Empower yourself with knowledge and you’ll find some great deals out there.

First, make sure to avoid any use of your local yellow pages. The ads taken out there can be quite expensive, which means that the plumbers taking out those ads are going to have to charge a higher rate in order to make up for their advertising costs. Another thing about the yellow pages method is that it’s very difficult to get a sense of their resume and referrals unless you spend a good amount of time on the phone talking to them about this. Best bet is to simply avoid this. If you have no other way of finding plumbers, just try and stick with the smaller ads that look less expensive, this way you might be able to at least have a chance in finding a bargain.

Open up any local or community newspaper and search there. The ads cost less so you’re almost guaranteed to find a lower rate if you can find a plumber in your area.

During your research, make sure to avoid any company that you have heard of on a major media outlet. These companies are generally very big and have deep advertising budgets. Mastering how to find a great plumber includes the ability to find the average Joe who has a small company and charges accordingly.

The best plumbing operations generally are those operated by the owners themselves. Finding a cheap plumber starts here, and most often you’ll also find a quality plumber due to the nature of an owner-operated business. They usually pay much more attention to what is going on with their clientele. This is an item you want to take advantage of.

Another thing to avoid is a plumbing company that is commission based. You’re pretty much guaranteed to be told that there are things to be fixed at your house that you had no intention of fixing, thus costing you more money. You’ll find this happens a lot at car oil stations as well. Avoid this and you’ll save money. Also, plumbers that are honest will generally only fix what you’ve asked them to – something to remember.

Knowing how to find a great and cheap plumber also comes down to paying attention to word of mouth. Do you know anyone in your community that has used a plumber recently? If yes, then ask around and you may find yourself in a much more comfortable position hiring someone who has worked on a friend’s house.

And finally, try to use a plumber who has a nice looking truck. This generally means that they are also taking care of their equipment, which is very important for a quality job.

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