How to Find a Work at Home Job

According to the US Census Bureau, as of May 2004 full time daycare often costs as much as college tuition at a public university, yet 1 out of 3 families with young children earn less than $25,000 per year.

This reason alone prompts many of todays working class to look for work at home opportunities.

Add to this the ever increasing cost of gas and suddenly most of Americas working class work only to pay for childcare and transportation expenses with precious little left.

But is it possible to find legitamate work at home opportunities?

Work at home scams are rampant and expensive. Fraudulant companies offer employment seekers home employment information for a fee. The information most often includes contact numbers to similiar companies that also charge an “investiment fee” to help you start your own business. It is not uncommon to spend hundreds and never make a dollar.
Legitamate opportunities are available, if difficult to find.

The bureau of labor statistics states that about 4/5ths of the currentl home employed reatined proffessional, managerial or sales jobs, making these the easiest types of positions to outsource.

The report also makes note that 8 out of 10 persons who work at home use a personal computer.

It is imperative that you have the capabilities to work in your own home as well as you could in any office environment.
Have all the neccessary equipment in good working order. Some typical equipment to have readyis a computer with speakers, fast internet connection and printing capabilitites.

You may be required to have dependable transportation with proof of insurance. Other possible equipment includes:
digital camera, fax machine, scanner and a dedicated phone line.

Youll alsoneed to have cetain basic skills for any worka t home position. These include a typing speed of 55 WPM, flawless telephone etiquetteand a predisposition toward timliness, accuracy and be deatil oriented.

The very nature of telecommuting requires the ability to work well alone with no immediet supervision.

Most telecommuting positions are considered Independent Contracting oportunites. This means that you are not an employee of the company but an independent working for yourself.

There are pros and cons to this status.

You are working on a per contract basis. When the specifics of the contract are fulfilled the job is over.

These types of contracts can be broken without notice.

There are no health benefits or vacation pay. None of the firms fringe benefits will aply to the independent contractor. Contractors are also responsible for their own taxes. Income tax laws vary from state to state.

Advantages include that you dont pay for childcare or transportation expenses. Work is done at your own pace , on your own schedule.

You can work in your underwear while you watch Jerry Springer which seems to be the biggest draw.

It is possible to extend your current job to include some tellecommuting. Consider your job responsibilites. Can anything be done from home?

Contact local companies that may be able to use your particular skills. This is your sales pitch. Expound the virtues of having an outsourced employee. Tout your expert skills and experience.

Use online job search engines to look for work at home positions. Use keywords like telecommute, data entry, work from home etc.

The biggest challage to working at home is making time to work. Being home gives you the “Ican do it anytime” attitude that leads to the down fall of many telecommuters.

Schedule work time the same as if you were leaving the house.

Online Job search engines:

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