How to Fix a Slow Computer that Stalls


The worst thing to happen with a new computer is to have it stall on you, for it to slowly move along while the entire world goes on by; you sit there utterly frustrated and bored out of your mind and you want to throw your computer against the wall. What has happened is your computer is severely fragmented, full of errors, and is now as slow as a snail. Don’t fret because there is still hope. There are easy ways to fix a slow stalling computer; what you need is computer maintenance -so it will work again like it use to. With a little patience or cash you can have it running again.

Free Up Disk Space

The 1st step is to do it yourself, use your operating system’s system tools to enhance your computers performance. On Windows 7, you will go to Control Panel. Then Click System and Security, then Click Administrative Tools. First click Free up disk space, and follow the instructions to get more disk space.

Defragment your Hard Drive

After Free up disk space, you will Click Defrag your hard drive. This may take from one hour to a day -depending upon how fragmented your hard drive is. Be sure to not run any programs while defragging; you want your computer’s entire resources put to defragging your hard drives.

Way back in the mid 1990s, I watched my dad defrag our old Windows 3.1 hard drive. It always did wonders to improve the computer’s performance. If these two steps are not sufficient to solve your computer issues you may buy additional software to boost your system.

Buy Additional Software for Enhanced Maintenance

The 2nd step is to buy software for your computer’s maintenance. If you are not happy with your system tools and you want an even better maintenance, I suggest you buy outside software that you can understand and use. Do not get something complicated get something you can use with no problems. I highly recommend you download Advanced System Care Pro 7; it’s easy to use and it resolves a lot of computer issues that slow down your computer. Some features may be free but you will have to buy it for all the features to be accessible.

Get Outside Help

The 3rd step is to get outside help to fix your computer, if you don’t have the computer skills, the time or the savvy. There are many companies that will help you with your computer problems. While this may be more expensive it is important when you cannot get any solutions on your own. Staples will fix your computer for $100.00. Or you can call Geek Squad or some other third party vendor to help you with your computer issues.

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