How to Get Hired for a Job

When people were asked to name the scariest experience they could imagine public speaking was named most often. Coming in close a second was …going on a job interview.

Yes, job interviews can be intimidating but there are things you can do to increase your chances of landing that job you want. By arming yourself with these tips you can make the interview less threatening and increase your chances of success.

My first tip would be to follow the best known advice. Be on time, dress approriately and do not talk down past employeers. These my sound obvious but you would be surprised by the number of people who disquaify themselves by tripping over one of those three things.
Follow that advice and these six tips and soon you will have the job you seek.

* I’d recommend bringing a copy of your resume with you. You may have sent one in when applying but do have one in hand when you arrive. The person conducting interviews sees many people. Bringing your resume means it will be on thier desk at the end of the day. It’s one way to be remembered and it is considerate.

* Interviewing makes almost everyone nervous. Focus on speaking slowly and giving short answers. Make a point of hesitating before you answer questions. Mentally count to two. This will make you appear calm and collected, even if you are not.

* Know enough about the company to ask at least one question about it’s future. Doing just a little research, showing you know something about the employeer will set you apart from the crowd. When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, have one ready.

* Remember that the person who mentions salary first loses! Many interviewers report they consider it bad form for the applicant to introduce the subject of salary. They are seekng someone who speaks about what they can add to the company. They hear, “What does this position pay?” too often. When you are offered the job you will find out their pay scale. Besides, what if you throw out a figure than is less than they would have offered?

* Do imply you want tthe position as you shake thier hand at the end of the interview.. Simply saying, “I’m very interested. I hope you will consider me for this position.” Could make all the difference. Asking for the job considerably increases you chances of getting an offer.

* Do send a thank you note. Far to few people bother to do this and this alone can make the difference. A few lines is all it takes. “Thank you for considering me for the …position. It was a pleasure meeting you.” You may want to add a line about why you would be a good choice for the job. Just remember to keep the note short and sweet.

Follow these six tips and you will be remembered and therefore much more likely to get that offer.

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