How to Get Rid of Ants that Come in Through a Window

When ants are small enough to come through the trim around a window, they can get in just about anywhere. Some are sugar ants, while others are attracted to grease. In any case they are annoying. They can get into food, appliances, cabinets and other undesirable locations throughout the home. It is best to get rid of ants that come through a window as soon as they are noticed. Otherwise, the problem will quickly get out of hand.

I recently had to deal with ants that decided to come in through a kitchen window, just above the sink. They might have been searching for water since it has been a very hot, dry summer in northwest Indiana. On the other hand, they could have been attracted to the sweet and sticky cantaloupe that I had recently prepared near the sink. They were crawling all over the countertops, and I had to find a way to get rid of the ants and stop more from coming in through the window. Simply killing the ones that were visible would not be enough to end the problem.

Sprinkle Borax or Talcum Powder Around the Foundation of the House

It is not necessary to use caustic chemical products to get rid of ants that come in through a window. Sprinkle borax or talcum powder around the foundation of the home. The natural solution is working very well to get rid of my ant problem. I prefer to use talcum powder since it will not pose a threat to wildlife or my outdoor plants, and it is a cheap solution to a very bothersome problem.

I sprinkled the talcum powder around the entire foundation of the house, and I have noticed a significant decrease in the number of ants that are coming in through the window. They were not coming in anywhere else, but I decided to encircle the entire house. Buy cheap dollar store talcum powder. It works just as well as more expensive varieties.

Use White Vinegar and Water to Get Rid of Existing Ants

I regularly use white vinegar to clean a number of surfaces in the home. It is more than just a natural cleaner. It works incredibly well to get rid of ants and other pests. After they began to come through a little crack in the trim around the window, I pulled out the white vinegar. I made a solution of fifty percent water and fifty percent white vinegar, and I sprayed the ants while cleaning the sink and countertops. Those that survived the attack seemed to dislike the odor, and along with the talcum powder around the exterior of the home, it has worked surprisingly well to control the problem.

Source: Personal Knowledge of Ant Control and Natural Solutions

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