How to Get Rid of Cigarette Odor

If you are a smoker or live with someone who is, you know how annoying cigarette smoke odor can be. Whether you are having some friends over and don’t want the smoke smell to be overwhelming or you are trying to hide your smoking habit, there are a few ways to lessen the level of cigarette smoke smell. This article will explore a few simple ways to do this.

The most basic way to fight smoke odor is to air the room out. Just open all the windows for a few hours and this will get out some of the odor. Though this is not a fix-all method, it does work to a certain extent. Combining this with other ways will give you pretty good results.

Perhaps the most obvious way to get rid of a smell you don’t like is to wash the materials that hold the odor. Wash clothes, blankets, and whatever cloth objects that are in the area. You can either do this in a normal home washing machine, which will be cheap to do; or you can take the things to a dry cleaner, though this will cost some money.

There are a couple of products that if left sitting in a room will help alleviate the smoke odor. One of these products is vinegar. Just a small bowl or cup will do the job. Though this may not be very pleasant to you for the time it is there, this does have the potential to work pretty well. Another thing that works if left in a room is orange peels. These will have basically the same effect as vinegar. Make sure to leave a lot of orange peels directly on the material that you want the odor taken out of.

Also, putting baking soda on a surface will absorb odor. This is very simple to do and baking soda is something that every household most likely has. This can work very effectively if the baking soda is left on the material over a night. The only precaution that needs to be taken before doing this is to make sure that they baking soda does not react negatively with the surface or material that you are putting it on.

Another very important thing that needs to be done to get rid of smoke odor is to change or clean light bulbs. Smoke sticks to these bulbs very easily and odor is sent out from them every time they are used. Most people do not remember or even know about this.

The next way of getting way of smoke odor is to clean floors and flat surfaces. Residue from cigarettes stick to everything, including table surfaces, floors, and ceilings. Sometimes you can even see this buildup on surfaces. Wash all of these and you should notice that the smoke odor is not as bad as before.

There are many more ways to get rid of cigarette odor; these are just a few of them. Experiment with different ways and find what works best for you.

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