How to Get Rid of German Roaches

My boxes were packed and loaded into the U-Haul, my emotions shifted from sorrowful to joyful as I pulled off to my new home, only 40 minutes away. It took me two months to settle into my nice, spacious apartment, everything was going well; the neighbors were nice the neighborhood was nice, I began to feel good about the move until one dreadful day; I walked into my kitchen and discovered what I consider the third repulsive thing from maggots, and worms, a nasty, fat, brown roach! Tears actually threaten to fall, (Ihate roaches, I hateroaches), I screamed, and inside felt so betrayed by the landlord for not telling me of this infestation, this indeed was an infestation because roaches all shape and sizes began to come into my clean home out from cracks and were now in the living room, and the bathroom. If you have been in a similar situation you too may be eager to rid your house of these freeloading guests, below are suggestions on how to get these things out of your house.

Determine where the roaches are coming from, you want to do this by setting up various traps in your home, you can purchase a sticky glue trap. Lay the traps down, return the next day and observe the number of roaches, so that you get an idea of how many there are.

Once you have located where the roaches are coming from, then you want to place your deadly traps around the house, do this by using baits, mixing food with poison. The roaches should eat this food, then go back to their colony and then die, the other nasty roaches will feed off of the dead body and then die. If none of the solutions work call in a an exterminator.

Roach proof all of your food by keeping them in sealed tight plastic containers. Transport boxed and bagged food into plastic or glass containers, roaches can actually tear through paper, certain plastic and cardboard. Keep your food wrapped tightly and away from the areas where the roaches were.

Seal up all cracks in your home, close off drains, place weather stripping on all doors to keep the roaches from entering, make sure that your windows are shut and that the screens are not damaged. (there should be no holes I your window screens

Keep your house cleaned. Wash all of the dishes , wash the sink, and stove off , and dry the sink, so that no water is left, roaches love water and like us need it to survive, so keep your sinks, and counter tops dry so that they won’t have a reason to come back. Remove wet and damp sponges from the sink, and replace the hard soap for the soft liquid soap because roaches tend to eat the hard soap. Make sure that trash is off the floor and sealed tight inside of a plastic trash can with lid, so that no roaches can gain entry into the bags. Immediately clean up spills and sweep up crumbs, actually try eating in one area of the house so that crumbs won’t be left all over the house causing the roaches to migrate.




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