How to Get Your Dog to Stop Digging?

Let’s face it. Dogs have a natural instinct to dig. They are not purposely trying to destroy your garden just to upset you. They are just doing something that comes very naturally to them. So try not to get too upset with them. That’s the first thing that you should do when trying to get your dog to stop digging.

One thing you can do is to put something on your yard that your dog will stay away from. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot of it. Just a sprinkle here and there. So, every time he gets the urge to dig, the smell will detract his curiosity, and get him to stop digging.

Another way to go is to give your dog, just some personal space where he can dig. Create and area that will only be used for digging. Teach the dog, that it’s ok to dig in this area, but make sure he understands that the garden is completely off limits.

Also, have a trusty little water pistol. So every time you see the dog start to dig, just squirt him with some water. It’ll shock without hurting him. After a while, he’ll pick up the hint, and the dog will stop digging. But for this to work, it’s very important that you keep an eye on the dog, and just not let him run free.

Supervision is a must when you are trying to correct any of the dog’s bad habits, especially something as natural for a dog, as digging. You have to be the strict disciplinarian, but it’s also important to reward him, when he’s learned his lesson.

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