How to Get Your Wife or Girlfriend to Watch Family Guy

Family Guy is a cartoon loved by millions, but the core audience consists mainly of males. That is not to say that women do not enjoy the hysterical antics of the Griffin family or the many pop-culture references. It is simply my experience that many women simply view Family Guy as just another stupid cartoon without having actually seen it, thus relegating it to a growing pile of immature, childish entertainment, along with video games and comic books.

But the truth is, Family Guy is a great cartoon to enjoy with your wife or girlfriend, if only you could get them to watch and appreciate the humor as you do. The key to such a feat is episode screening. Simply put, if you can manage to get your wife or girlfriend to watch a particular episode of Family Guy that you know they will enjoy, they the stylish cartoon will have gained a new fan, and you will no longer need to watch your Family Guy episodes alone in your bedroom while your wife chides you for laughing at stupid cartoons.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend a particular episode to have your partner watch, as the diverse humor of Family Guy can appeal to many different aspects. But there are certain episodes you might want to avoid, particularly those which have a large amount of jokes that either degrade Lois (Peter Griffin’s wife) or other women. These episodes are sure to cause your wife or girlfriend to frown upon Family Guy, especially if she catches you laughing a bit too hard.

A good episode of Family Guy should appeal to your wife’s humor without offending any of her beliefs, morals, or nature. This may be hard to accomplish, as the humor in one episode of Family Guy can range from mild pop-culture references to more objectionable jokes involving racism, religion, and potty humor.

However, the potty humor inherent in many episodes of Family Guy may also be a great starting point, as some women are in fact advocates for potty humor, despite the juvenile inclinations. If this is your wife or girlfriend, then you already have a fine selection of episodes to choose from.

Another good idea is to find an episode that includes humorous references to other movies or television shows your partner would have seen and enjoyed. The many spoofs and references in Family Guy are always enjoyable and a great way to garner attention for the cartoon from both males and females.

The next trick is to actually get your wife or girlfriend to watch Family Guy. Simply suggesting that you both sit down in front of the television to watch the cartoon will probably be met with a stare, a frown, and a resounding ‘No’. Women who have thus far refused to watch Family Guy will likely not be open-minded about the show at first, and forewarning them that they are about to watch it will enable them to prepare their defenses. In other words, they will adjust their mindset so that they will be sure not to enjoy it, no matter how funny it may be.

The best way to achieve a Family Guy sneak attack is to be seated at the television beforehand, watching a program that airs on the same channel as Family Guy. Be sure to have placed the remote far away from either you or your partners reach. When the show you are watching ends, Family Guy will begin, and there is a slim chance your wife or girlfriend may decide to remain seated. If you anticipate that this will not be the case, you may need to cuddle with your partner, thus ensuring that she remains put.

Then, the humor of Family Guy will have caught your wife or girlfriend off-guard and unprepared, where she cannot help but be ensnared by the unrivaled wit of the cartoon. Of course, this all hinges on knowing what episode will be airing, to be sure it will be one your wife or girlfriend finds funny. It also counts on the fact that you will both want to be watching the shows that air before Family Guy.

If that is not the case, then perhaps try watching a DVD together, and you, clever that you are, will have timed it to end just as Family Guy is beginning, so that when you turn off the DVD player, another fine episode of Family Guy will begin, thus completing the trap you have set for your wife or girlfriend.

This may all seem like quite a chore, but it can usually be achieved with relatively little difficulty, and it will be well worth it if successful. You will then be able to enjoy Family Guy together every evening, as well as cherishing that subtle feeling of pride at having proven your wife or girlfriend wrong.

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