How to Get a Driver’s License in Shanghai, China

Required documents:
1.Passport with valid Chinese visa

2.Valid Residents Permit for China

A.A permit for over one year is required for a permanent driver’s license.

B.A permit of over three months, but under a year, is required for a temporary driver’s license.

3.Your current driver’s license is also required to be translated into Chinese before applying for a Chinese driver’s license.

A.Translations can be done at either the “Shanghai Foreign Language University Translation Company,” or the “Shanghai Foreign Affairs Translator Association.”* (See below for addresses).


1.You must have recent pictures taken for the license. These can be taken at building number six on the first floor.

2.Complete the driver’s license application form.

3.A medical check will be required in order to obtain a license. As such you can obtain this check in one of two ways.

A.Take the Driving Adapt Test* supplied by the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau.

B.Supply a medical check from a hospital. (There are specifications of which hospitals you can go to, and what you need. Before choosing this option it is recommended that you call the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau for these details and their instructions.)

4.Take a general knowledge and communication regulation exam.

5.Take the ‘behind the wheel’ test. This test is unnecessary if you have been driving for over three years. If you have been driving for under three years, this test is required to obtain a Chinese driver’s license.

6.A fee of 20RMB is required.

Addresses and phone numbers:

�Shanghai Foreign Language University Translation Company:
183 Tiyuhui Rd. West

�Shanghai Foreign Affairs
13 Kunshan Rd. Floor 1, building 2.

�Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau:
1101 Zhongshan Bei Yi Rd.
Phone number: 6516 8168 (For callers in Shanghai. Outside of Shanghai remember to dial the country and city code before the number).

* According to, and the documents they obtained from the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau.

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