How to Get a Girl Out of a Bad Mood

Is your girlfriend or wife constantly depressed? How about just a friend that’s a girl, who you secretly want to be with or something of that sort. This article contains exercises to help bring a girl; any girl, out of that depressed slump.

Now, think of the stereotpyical body language associate. Head down, back slumped, frown equipped on the face… you know them just by seeing them.

If it is just a random girl, just giving her a compliment can brighten her day. Give a genuine compliment. Don’t go for the beautiful eyes like everyone else.. most girls have heard that already. Say something about her clothes since those change day to day. Doesn’t that make sense? Good. If you’re at a nude beach for some odd reason then just ask to see that smile she’s hiding.

But more importantly, if this girl that is in a slump is your girlfriend(dating tip #1: don’t try to take another mans girl unless under extreme circumstances that is obvious to the eye) try a smile at first. Try it in the mirror right now. Ok… not one of those cheesey ones that is forced upon your face, you’re not playing teachers pet here. Give your girlfriend/wife a smile that shows you’re truly happy. Always keep eye contact during this smile until you’re holding them in your arms. In depressed cases most guys would do the following:

-Ask what’s the matter x1,000,000,000.
-Offer lots of presents.
-Try to bring their girl to a nice fnacy restaurant.
-Basically anything consisting of lots of money, or a decent amount, or psychological pounding away at the girls brain.

Nuh-uh, bad ideas. Asking the matter may seem logical and ok to do once if said in the correct manner. Be comforting, but if you ask her two times and she doesn’t want to talk about it, let it go for now. You should learn about it later. Using money shouldn’t be a necessity when making someone that supposedly loves you happy. They love you, not that green paper in your pocket, am I right?

Instead of that other stuff, use the smile and hug/kiss. Other ideas are:

-Make a home cooked meal. Face it, if you can cook anything and make her happy, it doesn’t cost much, and you gain culinary experience. It doesn’t need to be baked ziti or some gourmet stuff, but maybe heating up some chicken or making some oatmeal can do the trick? Soup works good too, it’s easy to make.
-One word: tickle. I cannot stress enough how much this can do for you. If a girl is in a slump and you bring in the tickle technique, it can be very essential to your arsenal. You need to create a happy aura in the room. Bringing yourself down to her level of depression won’t help at all. You can’t go straight for the tickle though, you need ot start talking first to be more successful. If she’s talking like she’s suicidal you can’t tickle her really. Bring up good times like memories, maybe that morning was good, that one time at the water park, when you met. Make it something funny, interesting, and/or romantic. A combination works the best though. After you atleast see a small smirk, I say that’s a green light. Just ease your way into it.
-Be somewhat sarcastic. if she’s depressed due to thinking your relationship is going down the drain, say something witty but somewhat romantic too. If she doesn’t think you love her, then say something along the lines of,”I am pretty sure I love you, remember when I grabbed you under the starlight that one night, smoothly leaned you back and kissed you softly on the lips infront of everyone at that party? I would do that again in a heartbeat if given the chance”. Be creative, that’s the biggest tip.
-There’s more, be creative.

Now, if the girl is not your girlfriend/wife/fiance/ect., just a female friend that you have done nothing with everm but want to… then the situation is a bit stickier for you. Jumping from the friends ladder to the attracted ladder is hard for a man(This theory on It is a comical theory, yet logical at the same exact time). You can put your arm around her, you can hug her if she’s crying and give her a shoulder to cry on.. but you can’t go tickling her. But you want to be with her… so what do you do? My advice is to go with a romantic pursuit she’s beautiful and that sort of stuff while also looking like you have alot of power. You cannot be a sissy in this situation, girls aren’t really attracted to low self esteem guys. Say something like,”You’re beautiful babe, even I would consider going out with you”, and say it with a confident smile.

That’s all you get for now, I expect some good reviews. Till next time, peace.

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