How to Get a New Look for that Old Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet refacing is simply changing the look or face of your old kitchen cabinet. It is done by covering, replacing visible parts of the cabinet. The cases or cabinet boxes remain in place. But, drawer fronts and cabinet doors get a complete makeover and what’s more, you can have them custom made to match your kitchen. You do not have to wait until your kitchen cabinets are old and worn. Cabinet refacing can be done because the cabinet design is no longer to your liking. Think of it as a way of updating yourself and your kitchen. Cabinet refacing is an available option if cleaning or replacing a cabinet is impractical or too costly. With cabinet refacing, you can save on expenses because the cost is lesser than that of having new cabinets installed. There are varieties of styles, woods, and finishes to choose from in refacing. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the mess or inconvenience that is related to replacement or refinishing.

The usual refacing process involves the removal of all existing doors, drawer fronts, and moldings. Sanding of end panels for laminating the new laminate or veneer and all face frames is performed. If needed, new kitchen cabinets can be installed or you could just have the existing cabinets modified. The process also includes installation of new drawers, doors, and drawer fronts.

You could either do your own refacing or hire somebody else to do it. There are many companies that offer cabinet refacing services. The service usually includes: removal of old doors and drawer fronts, installation of new doors and drawer fronts, installation of roll-out drawers, sinks, counters, and appliances, veneering of existing cabinets with laminates. Some also offer to extend the length of your kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling or add additional cabinets. Cabinet refacing usually gets completed in 2 to 4 days.

Admittedly, the more complicated process in refacing has something to do with removal and replacement of all doors and drawers. Otherwise, refacing is a fairly simple and fast process. Cabinet refacing is a great opportunity to make improvements in the kitchen. You can, for example, add roll-out shelving for heavy pots to allow for more space in your cabinets.

Why do most people turn to refacing? The answer is simple. As mentioned earlier, refacing costs less than installation of new cabinets. Households that do not have the budget, but are eager to give their cabinets a facelift turn to refacing. Because refacing does not take long to finish, most households with a tight schedule opt to have refacing instead of replacement. For an amateur carpenter, a refacing job is a very appealing project do to. Coordination of new floor and wall paint is so much easier in cabinet refacing and again saves you the budget. If you cannot stand total demolition of your kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinet refacing is clearly the best option for you. You will end up with a completely remodeled room with less cost and that makes everything so much more satisfactory!

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