How to Get the Most Out of Your Garage

If your garage looks anything like mine used to, then I can describe it to you. It is packed full of boxes, bikes and other miscellaneous items. On a good day you can actually fit a car in it, but have to be careful not to ding the door on the way out. Here is the most efficient way we have found of finally making our garage a happy place, rather than an obstacle course:

The best way to organize your garage is to remove everything from it, you can pull everything out into the yard to sort it. Have one keep pile, one yard sale or good will pile and one trash pile. Put as many items as you can into the yard sale/good will pile and the trash pile. Only keep those things that you absolutely can’t part with.

Once you are finished sorting all the items into the three piles then throw away the trash pile, make an appointment for the good will top pick up the other pile, or throw a yard sale the next weekend. Put up shelves in your garage if you don’t already have them. It is better to put shelves on two connecting walls only if this is possible, if you put shelves on opposite sides then it will make your garage less wide. Organize the keep pile items as you are putting them onto the shelves, put the least used items on the top shelves. Instead of cardboard boxes, consider purchasing some stackable plastic bins for your belongings, this will protect them from the elements and it also looks more organized.

Attach bike hooks to your ceiling and hang any bikes from the hooks, this will keep the bikes out of the way and make the garage appear cleaner. Attach a piece of peg board and pegs to a portion of one of the walls, this is where you can hang your tools. This way they are easy accessible and you will always know where they are when you need them.

Once you are done organizing your garage, there shouldn’t be anything on your floor except for yourself, possibly a roll away tool box, your vehicle and any dirt bikes, motorcycles, etc. You will be amazed

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