How to Get the Smell of Cat Urine Out of Carpets

Getting the smell of cat urine out of a carpet, believe it or not, can be accomplished very effectively. A friend of mine let me in on this little secret years ago and it has worked each and every time. It doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals and it’s not another one of those old wives’ tales. I guarantee you, this really works.

We had two cats that we kept indoors who both shared the same litter box. I had a gallbladder attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. They kept me overnight and on the way home, I was dreading emptying the litter box which I knew was going to be overflowing. Well of course it was, but what was worse, one of them had urinated in the closet in our bedroom.

What a stench! I had to take everything out of the closet which was a job in itself. We spent more money on chemicals than I care to admit and our bedroom still reeked of cat urine. We certainly couldn’t live that way and were thinking about having new carpet put in. It was truly frustrating too as we’d already spent a fortune trying to clean it.

We had three horses at the time and when we stopped at the feed store, I mentioned it to the owner who was a friend of ours and he said there was no need to buy new carpet. He said he knew how to take care of that smell permanently. I was skeptical but patiently asked, “How?” I figured it would be another one of those old folk things but by golly, he knew what he was talking about!

When cats urinate in the house, they usually do their business in a corner or an out of the way place. Like with us, it was in the closet. If you have a piece of matching carpet, it would be ideal. If you can get a matching patch from a carpet place, that’ll work also. But what we did at the time, since it was in the closet, was simply cut the piece out and leave it that way. Hey, for the price of having the whole room re-carpeted, I could live with a bare spot in the closet.

However, my neighbor wasn’t so lucky. One of his kids accidentally dropped something over their cat’s litter box and the cat urinated right in their living room behind a corner plant. When I told him he could cut it out and patch it, he said he didn’t have any extra matching carpet, but that he was NOT going to live with the stench and was going to follow my advice, cut out the soiled patch and put the pot in front of it.

Well I told him if he’s going to cut it out anyway, we could take that piece and try to match it. I got my razor knife and cut out the patch. Sure enough, we took the stinky carpet patch to three carpet places and found a match. Now, here’s what you do.

Put the soiled patch on top of the new patch and cut it to fit. Cut some of the bottom off so that it frays all around. Apply a small amount of glue (crazy glue is fine) and put it in the bare spot in the carpet. Take a comb or brush and blend it in. There you have it!

So, if you have house pets it’s wise to have an extra piece of carpet handy for those little accidents that sometimes happen. Oh and sprinkling black pepper around the area to keep them from returning to repeat their business, really does work.

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