How to Give a Great Party on a Budget

The holiday party season is approaching fast. In addition, to gift giving expenses there is the added expense of holiday parties especially if you want to throw your own party. Throwing your own party can get expensive but there is a solution to this problem. Pre-plan your party wisely and you can be creative on a limited budget. Then you can give a grand party without breaking the bank. Here some of my suggestions to all you party-girls out there on fixed income.

First, think about your dishes. If you need to purchase more dishes read your community papers for thrift sales. A lot of times people donate brand new sets of dishes at these sales. Also, shop after holidays like July 4th to get dishes and party accessories sometimes as much as 75% off their original price. Take out small plates first so guests don’t load on appetizers. Plus, there is less food waste when you use smaller plates. Then there is extra food available for that unexpected guest.

When you set your dishes on the table I suggest you use a beautiful silk sheet as a tablecloth and a runner as an accent on the side. Your table’s centerpiece doesn’t have to be expensive flowers either. Flowers are great centerpieces but they don’t have to be used all the time. Try something unique for a pretty centerpiece. Fruits and vegetables are great for centerpieces. A simple and easy combination of green limes and yellow lemons in a bowl can look grand. You can use mini pumpkins as a holder for place settings. Empty pumpkins or bread shells can be used as containers for soup. My motto is use one item for multiply purposes. Round bread can use for dip and soup bowls. When the fresh-bread goes stale use the leftover bread for breadcrumbs for chicken fingers for appetizers. Scooped out pumpkin seeds are great toasted. . Seashells can use for candles. A pretty bow or ribbon can be tied to a candlestick or placed on a plain dish to add simple elegance. Place different colored Hershey kisses for decoration or place round green peppermints on the table. Peppermints sticks can also be used for decorations in the drink glasses.

To keep people busy once they are at the table use my quick and easy recipes for appetizers. I find people love my combination of cream cheese and tomato relish. Why not put thin pretzel sticks instead of the traditional chips to dip into this relish combo. Pretzel crumbs can also be used to bread catfish to make a different twist on the traditional cornmeal coating for catfish fingers. Plus, pretzels are low calorie for people who want to watch their figure. Turkey slices rolled with different types of cheese with an olive sticking on the outside are also tasty snacks.

Think about joining Costco so you buy juices cakes, salads, and spreads in bulk for your party. Also, visit your locale 99-cent stores for party decoration or party staple items like ice cream cheese, olives, ice cream, chicken or sour cream. If you buy seltzer it is cheaper then soda. Why not fix some drinks with the some of the juice, from the giant juice containers, that you brought in Costco. Then your flavored juice will sparkle. If you run out of room for keeping drinks cold or have no ice bucket use the kitchen sink filled with ice to keep them cold. Also, how about making flavored juice ice cubes instead of the traditional water so they can melt in people’s drinks.

If you follow my suggestions then I’m sure you party will be a smashing success. Success and parties are a great combination mixed with friends. Now sit down and relax with one of your drinks with a peppermint stick in them. Then make a toast to a great party.

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