How to Go to College in the U.S

Going to College in the United States will present you with a wealth of opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime. Hopefully, it will enrich your mind, improve your social skills, and enlighten you to your potential. College will challenge you. You will either succeed or fail. Let us discuss why some succeed and others fail while going to college in the U.S.

Reasons for Succeeding:

�· Self-discipline: College will throw a variety of things at you to keep you from studying. There will be concerts, parties, get togethers, computer games, etc. Each one will take away time from your studies. You need to put your studies before all else. Period.

�· Being responsible to you. Make a pledge to yourself that you will succeed. Do what it takes. Some write down daily goals. Some others like to write down their class goals. Going to college in the United States involves too much for you to risk not being responsible.

�· Be organized. Know what needs to be done, set priorities, and do it. Keep it in writing to ease your day. Start a journal.

�· Find a solitary place for studying. This technique is useful for the variety of your study time. The area needs to be quiet without any interruptions. Many libraries have private rooms that students can use, if needed. Call in advance to reserve the room.

�· Join a study group. Some people find this method useful for exams. It gives one the chance to play their thoughts and knowledge off of others. I, personally, never did like this method. Others I know swore by it, though. Find out what is good for you.

�· Follow your class syllabus. The syllabus is given out, usually, the first day of class. This will outline the course and let you know what needs to be studied and when. Follow it closely so you will not be unprepared.

�· Be prepared for class. Do your homework, your reading assignments, and be informed about what is going to be covered. Doing all this will allow you to have intelligent questions to ask the proctor, should they arise. Go over, and over, and over the information you are reading and learning. Only by doing this will you learn properly. Repetition is the key to success.
Reasons for Failing:
Although many are the opposite of the succeeding points for going to college in the U.S., there are some points to be highlighted as follows:

�· Have too many distractions. Spending too much time on items other than studying will have adverse effects on you and your grades.

�· Take your education lightly. By not giving your class load and education the respect it deserves, you are not doing yourself any favors.

�· Blame others for your shortcomings. Only losers do this.

�· Go unprepared to class. This is a waste of time, and energy for you, your potential, and professor. Why bother going to college in the U.S. if you go to class unprepared?

Ã?· Using Cliff’s Notes. Cliff’s Notes (synopses) are helpful sometimes, but do not use them regularly. Cheaters who want the easy way out usually use them. This isn’t a good way to go to college in the U.S.

�· Too heavy a class and/or workload. There are only so many hours in a day. If you take too many class hours in one semester, it will catch up to you. Talk to your counselor, if uncertain.

Going to college in the United States is a privilege not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy. Make the most of it.

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