How to Have a Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is a great way to have a bunch of fun while you make a bunch of crazy pictures that will bring back memories of your party for years to come. A photo scavenger hunt is just like a regular scavenger hunt, except that instead of collecting items, you “collect” photographs of your team members doing different fun stunts. When the teams are done, you’ll have a whole bunch of really fun pictures of all of your guests doing crazy stuff! Plus, a photo scavenger hunt is as fun for the host as it is for the guests, because once you’ve got things set up, there’s no need to “run” the game, so you can join a team and play along. To have a photo scavenger hunt at your party, all you need is a little bit of time and creativity, and a few cameras. This step by step guide will tell you everything you need to know, so read on to learn how to make your own great photo scavenger hunt.

Advance Preparation
A few days before your photo scavenger hunt, start rounding up the cameras. Digital cameras or Polaroid cameras are ideal, because that way everyone can look at the pictures from the photo scavenger hunt right away, and teams will be able to compare what they took with what everyone else snapped. You’ll want a camera for each team of approximately five guests, so work out your numbers and then start borrowing some cameras! Once you’ve got your equipment, it’s time to make a list of fun photograph poses for your photo scavenger hunt. You’ll ask your teams to take ten to fifteen pictures during the photo scavenger hunt, so aim for a total of fifteen to twenty-five “items” on your list. That way, the teams will all get to pick their favorite ideas, and no team will feel obligated to try and take a picture that doesn’t sound fun to them, or makes a team member uncomfortable.

What To Put On The List
What you put on your photo scavenger hunt llist will determine what the hunt is like, and there are lots of different options. If you’re planning a photo scavenger hunt with youngsters, or for adults who may be drinking, make up a list of pictures which can be collected in the house or the yard. Here are some examples: a team member balancing a spoon on his or her nose, three or more team members squeezed into the bathtub, or one team member wearing another team member’s shirt. If you’re planning a photo scavenger hunt where teams will be able to drive around, you have lots of fun options like these: three team members with someone in a uniform, the whole team standing in a public fountain, or a team member giving someone a dollar. No matter what your photo scavenger hunt list looks like, make sure to throw in a couple of pictures that absolutely any team can manage to take. That way, you can guarantee that no team will come back empty handed. Try standbys like these: the whole team making funny faces, two team members hugging, or a picture of a team member who doesn’t know they’re being photographed. If you use your creativity and your imagination, you’ll be able to come up with some great and unique ideas that will be tons of fun for everybody. Just make sure everything is safe and legal!

At The Party
For your photo scavenger hunt, split the party guests into teams of about five people, and don’t be afraid to join a team yourself so that you can be part of the fun! Try drawing names out of a hat to introduce an element of randomness; that way, all your guests will get to know each other during the photo scavenger hunt. Give each team a camera and a copy of the list of fun photos to “collect.” Now, it’s time to hunt! Every team should try to take at least ten to fifteen pictures from the photo scavenger hunt list within the time limit (an hour is usually about right) and the winner is whoever can “collect” the most poses. Reward the winning team with a silly prize, like the honor of naming the second best team, or the honor of posing for an official “winner’s circle” photograph. Congratulations! You’ve just created and run your very own original photo scavenger hunt. In the process, all your guests have had a great time, and you’ve created a truly unique and hilarious selection of pictures that’ll make for a great party scrapbook.

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