How to Help Your Kids Improve Their Grades

If you take the time to talk to a kid about school and ask them what they worry about the most, they will very likely tell you grades. There are millions of kids who experience anxiety all because of their grades. All they seem to worry about is that it can mean the difference between graduation and not graduating. They are constantly told that if they do not get good grades they will not get into good schools, and will not be able to get a good job.

Kids need to realize that tests are not their to help them fail, but are actually given to help them. A test can help to reveal where their weaknesses are and their strengths. If too much concern is put on grades it can cause school to turn into some type of competition. As a result many students tend to get caught up in cheating, to ensure that they will be the best. Education however means much more that racking up points on a test. It is meant to help develop thinking ability, and help in drawing practical conclusions.

Grades should be viewed as a helpful way of gauging your progress. It is the child’s responsibility to learn while they are at school not the parents. When a child gets a low score on a test, they usually blame it on an unfair test questions or a mean teacher. Sometimes it is just plain laziness which is the real reason for the low grades. Those students who do well in school take responsibility for learning. Motivation from parents, and helping them to set goals are good ways to help your child become a high achieving student. It also depends on how hard your child is willing to work. The harder they work and the more effort that is put into it the more successful they will be.

What about your children’s study habits? I have talked to several students and those with low grades thought they worked as hard as anybody. Yet when you really take a look at their study habits you will discover that they actually do far less homework than their high-achieving schoolmates. The lesson behind this is that maybe your children are not studying as hard as you may think they are. If you find out that this is the case, you will definitely want to implement some changes immediately. The study environment is a very important part of your child’s study habits.

Everyone benefits from having a quiet place to read or study. Maybe your bedroom is a good place, or if you share a room with a sibling the kitchen might be a better choice. If it is just too noisy in your house you may think about going to the library to study their. At least you know that it will definitely be quiet. Make sure to always use a desk or a table. Using your lap while curled up on the couch is a very bad way to study. If you are too comfortable, this may cause you to fall asleep. And as we all know the TV and radio should stay off. If you are distracted more than likely you will not remember anything that you have just learned.

Some kids even feel that they have to be in the mood to study or do homework. I would just point out to them that when you get older and get a job you have to work every day, with only a 15min break, and it does not matter if you are in the mood or not. It is just something that has to get done. By helping your child to be successful in school, you are helping to guarantee their success in life.

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