How to Increase Your Psychic Abilities with Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are an excellent tool to increase your psychic abilities. This article will tell you how to increase your psychic abilities in a way that will keep you accurate. You may be able to read Tarot cards miraculously well if you go by these simple guidelines and practice regularly. Our inherent human powers of perception of reality are far beyond what we are normally taught that they are. Let’s push the limits and leave those who believe the mass media version of who we are behind. Being able to read Tarot cards and really show yourself you know what they are is a great way to affirm that you have abilities to see beyond the tangible world. The more confident you become in your psychic abilities, the more you will be able to bring through wisdom. And you can keep tabs on your accuracy regularly by practicing with them.

The concept behind using Tarot cards for readings is that part of ourselves knows what each card is. There are two main methods of picking cards. One relies on the overmind to shuffle the cards correctly so the ones on top, as they will be picked for a spread, will be the correct ones to answer the questions. That means the moment in which a person is shuffling is sacred, and you must be tuned in completely at that moment to be able to pull off such a feat. Often, it is the person receiving the reading who is expected to do this, and without practice, this may be asking too much of a client. Tarot readers may need to explain to people how to tune in, go into a trance, connect with the over-self. People should be prepared to feel out what is the right arrangement through shuffling, and actually create what is the proper arrangement, their hands doing the work of the larger self, without the conscious mind being involved. But the more we can make the conscious mind a good conduit between the two, pure, and well refined, the more we can trust our answers. The practice I describe in this article helps make sure the conscious mind is truly transparent, and tuned into the higher self, and bringing that knowledge through effectively.

The other method of reading Tarot cards involves carefully choosing each card out of the deck, one at a time, to answer the questions. This is easier to accomplish, as it is more direct, and you can feel the cards’ energy. It can be more casual, not necessarily based on a layout. I am going to concentrate on this method. It becomes a dialogue between you and the cards as you receive immediate answers and you can then ask another question, and tune into the cards, feeling which one calls to you. You may use this also if you are having a reading done, and the psychic tells you to pick the cards. In either case, it is good to know what you are doing, as you may be putting a lot of weight on answers, and you don’t want them to be random. You want them to come from your highest self, filtered down through your psychic abilities to feel or see which card is the one with your answer. You can feel the card by holding your hand over the deck, preferably your left one, as it is the more receptive, sensitive to incoming energies. Feel with your palm, or your fingers, moving your hand across the cards without touching them, feeling their aura. You can feel the aura. You will be able to identify it because of spending time identifying with each card.

First, to train yourself, it is good to do exercises that improve psychic powers. Breathing in and out of the third eye chakra, in the center of the forehead, is one good practice. Ask that the energy you bring into your intuitive center be focused for that purpose. You may want to imagine the light you breathe in being indigo colored. Then, use the cards to test how you are improving. You can release clutter out of the third eye chakra, breathing it out, and asking for clarity to be brought to you. Open to a pure observance of being, releasing your own personal issues. You want to be able to perceive reality, not your own filters.

Doing Taoist or Tantric exercises will take the third eye exercise much farther, with complex movements of energies. The more you commit to doing these very physical spiritual practices, the more you will cleanse the pathways of perception, open them for more energy to come through, be able to feel the joys of the energy moving through your pathways, and concentrating that energy in the central channel of your body, through the spine. As you do that, you can become the central channel, which can merge with the spine of the Divine, the tree of life. In Eastern traditions, we are able to commune with God through the practices, rather than remain apart. We are able to tune into that which connects all things. As you feel yourself being the central channel, you can also feel yourself as the energy moving through the channel. Feeling such combinations of movement and containment of energy is the divine love play of Shakti and Shiva, the god and goddess principles. As you feel yourself be the container and the contained, you can feel Bliss, and an overpowering sense of Ecstasy as you participate in their love. Feeling that will naturally increase your psychic abilities. Your frequency is being changed.

Shuffle the cards and lay them face down. Then, to test the theory that we know what the cards are, pick up one at a time and guess first what it is. Keep a record of how many correct guesses you get each day you do it, and see if your odds improve. You are using a psychic muscle, so by doing so regularly, you should see a gratifying rise in the number of correct answers. I have been able to do this with 100 percent accuracy. So I know it is possible.

How did I do it? I dedicated my life to this activity for a few months. I lived in the forest in a tent in a mountain in Colorado, and allowed myself nothing but a Tarot book with exercises, pen, paper, and a few toiletries. I climbed mountains, picked berries, which were my only food, did Tantric and Taoist exercises, which cleared my energetic channels, and amplified how much energy they could hold, cleaned the energy, made it vibrate at a higher frequency, connected my charkas, broke down blockages, and allowed clear access to my higher self. Eating nothing but living food picked right off the bushes gave me the auric fields of the berries, with their enzymes intact, requiring me to give up none of my own inherent enzymes. Breathing fresh, clean air with lots of life force and negative ions helped. Drinking crystalline water from the melted snow helped. Being away from electromagnetic interferences helped my own auric field be nice and large, and clear, and also kept the static out of my psychic readings. Having no other distractions kept my larger self focused on its goal. Of course, few people can do this, or would want to, but some version of this is highly recommended if you want to be truly psychic.

Immersing yourself in the deepest meanings and the magic and symbolism behind the Tarot is important if you are to concentrate your psychic readings on the Tarot. To use them as tools for developing your general psychic abilities in general you may not need to delve as deeply into writers such as Crowly, who use the Tarot cards for dubious but effective methods of transmitting clues about such things as time travel through the etheric planes. You would still want to get a good emotional identification with each Tarot card, however, as it is not only a visual, but a visceral, palpable reaction we feel when picking up a card and feeling what is on the other side.

Practice using them and also feeling what is on the other side of them, and test your accuracy by asking questions about things you can verify. You may want to ask about will happen the next day, or about details about friends’ lives you can ask them about. The possibilities are endless.

The more you are able to go into a lower brain wave frequency, the Alpha level, the more you will be tuned into all that is one, flowing together, our consciousness, and the world around us. There are biofeedback machines available for this, and you can also tell if you are in Alpha brainwave generally by whether your eyes flutter when they are closed. Being in that frequency helps you be one with all things, and identifying with your larger self, which knows all.

Being able to discern what you or others want to know about the world using Tarot cards is gratifying, and empowering, and gives you more chances to be of service to the world. Blessings.

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