How to Install Chic Outdoor Lighting for Under $500

I have two main reasons for outdoor lighting – security and appearance. There are a few ways to have outdoor lighting; finding what you want for limited cost is the trick. Taken from personal experience, here are three ways to install outdoor lighting for under $500.

Stake Lighting

Here’s an easy way to have outdoor lighting with limited cost. These lights are easy to install and go just about anywhere:

– Buy the lighting kit (either solar or electric).
– Dig a trench, 6″ deep from the house along the line of the lights.
– Unpack the kit and lay the wire along the trench.
– Assemble and connect the lighting per manufacturer’s instructions.

Time: Under two hours; cost: $60 – $150.

Motion Lighting

There are two issues I wanted addressed with my home – security and electric efficiency. This answers both. At the local hardware store I bought an outdoor security light kit with a motion sensor and timer. Here’s the easy installation:

– Turn off the breaker to the outdoor lights (always do this).
– Unscrew the bulb and then the screws or bolts holding the light fixture in place.
– You will then need a strong knife or large flat head screwdriver to loosen the fixture from the house because of the old seal holding into place.
– Cut the wires close to the back of the fixture. Be sure to keep the wires separate and marked.
– Unpack the kit from the box and follow the instructions provided.

Time: Around 30 minutes; cost: $50 for the kit.

Landscape Lighting

Here’s an outdoor lighting idea using limited cost and some imagination. You will need:

– The transformer.
– The wiring.
– The bulbs.
– Clip-on sockets.
– Wire screen.
– Any usable framing (fire brick, chimney blocks, chimney toppers, stones, etc.).

Here’s what you do:

– Bring home your supplies.
– Dig holes where the lights are going (6″ – 8″ deep).
– Connect the transformer to an outdoor outlet.
– Dig your trench 6″ deep and lay the wire.
– Connect the light sockets to the wiring.
– Screw in the bulbs and make sure they work.
– Place the framing around the light and secure in place with dirt.
– Tamp down the dirt and bury the wire.
– Cut the screen to size and place over the framing to protect the light.

Time: Under two hours; cost: $100 – $150.

These three outdoor lighting projects can really improve the look and security of your home for limited cost.

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