How to Install a Flexible Shower Head Adapter

A flexible shower head adapter allows you to install a shower in a bathtub that does not currently have one without doing major plumbing alterations. Inexpensive and easy to install, you can add greater functionality to your bathroom shower with a simple flexible shower head adapter kit and some basic tools.

A flexible shower head adapter replaces your old bathtub spout with a new spout that can direct water through tubing to a shower head that is mounted onto the wall. A flexible shower head adapter can also allows your bathtub spout to function as before, allowing you also to take baths whenever you like. Like most fixtures, flexible shower head adapters come in a wide variety of styles to complement a multitude of decors, so pick one out you like and then follow these steps for an easy installation process.

You should begin this project by removing the old bathtub spout. You can accomplish this is one of two ways. First, try looking underneath the spout for a screw head. If there is one present, remove the screw and then pull the spout towards you. If you cannot locate a screw, chances are your bathtub spout screwed directly onto the pipe. In this case, turn the entire spout counterclockwise using a plumbing wrench or a screwdriver that has been placed in the spout.

With the old bathtub spout removed, clean the area around the pipe and the surrounding tile thoroughly. Then install the new adapter spout by applying a small amount of pipe joint compound to the threads of the pipe and twisting the new spout into place. The easiest way to do this is by using a pipe wrench, but be sure to place a rag between the wrench and the adapter spout so you don’t scratch the finish.

The new spout should look like your old one, except it has an adapter hose outlet on the underneath of the spout. You should easily be able to screw the flexible hose that comes with your kit onto this adapter. With the flexible hose screwed into place at the spout, you should determine how high you want the shower head. This is largely a matter of preference, but be sure to allow for enough room so that it can easily be lifted out of the hanger.

Once you know what height you want the head, you can then install the shower head hanger. To do this mark the hole locations for the hanger and use a drill to create pilot holes. If you are installing the flexible adapter in a tiled room, plan on setting masonry anchors into the holes with a mallet. Then you can screw into the masonry anchors when attaching the holder.

A flexible shower head adapter is a great way to add a shower to a bathroom without having to call a plumber. The only drawback to this system is that a flexible shower head adapter is less sturdy than a standard shower head. However, many people find an adapter kit to be preferable, especially if they have elderly family members or young children to consider.

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