How to Keep Trash Bags from Falling into the Cans

I’m like many people in that I use plastic grocery bags in my small trash cans. It may not look the classiest but it saves some money. That, and it’s just one more good way to reuse those bags. When it comes to the larger trash cans, like in my kitchen, I buy the cheaper bags. I don’t pay the extra money for the bags that have bands around the top rim to hold them in place. I have my own ways. Read this helpful article and find out how to keep trash bags from falling into the cans.

1. Rubber Bands

You can buy extra-large rubber bands that are made to fit around the tops of your trash cans. I found some at Just look for “trash can rubber bands”. They’re inexpensive, come in colors, and are easy to use. They work, but they’re not my favorite fix. Being rubber bands means they still break. And stretching one out around the trash can rim every time I change the bag (which is often) is a hassle. Since these bands are so big, if you accidentally let go of one end, you get the snap of your life.

2. Elastic Bands

In my experience, elastic bands are a better way to keep trash bags from falling into the can. You can get them “free” by cutting the waist bands off old pairs of pantyhose or underwear. Don’t worry about them looking tacky because no one will see them. Raise the top flaps of the trash bag up, slip a band over the trash can rim, then pull the flaps down to hide the elastic.

You can also measure the diameter of the top of your trash can. Get a length of elastic that long, and sew the ends together. As I’ve said, I don’t like stretching a rubber band or even an elastic band out and over the rim. So, instead of sewing the ends together, I shortened the elastic piece and added Velcro to the ends. I found it easier to stretch the elastic and secure it together.

3. Bungee Cords

This my favorite way to keep trash bags from falling into the can. My son borrowed some short bungee cords I have for tying down cargo on our truck. When he returned them, one ended up in the house. I was going to return the bungee cord to the garage when an idea struck me. It works the best for holding large trash cans in place. It’s durable, it stretches easily, and it’s easy to hook/unhook the ends together.

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