How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat

He pants and he drools. This is a dogs way of keeping cool. They don’t perspire but they do have to keep cool just like you. A dog can become dehydrated quicker than any human and they rely on you to help keep them cool. In this article I discuss some very necessary tips to help keep your dog cool.

From the bottom up

I never realized until recently why a dog would seek out a cool spot on the pavement or in the house. A dog cools from the bottom up. Our natural inclination is to put a cool compress on the top of a dog when we should be applying it to his belly. If you want to cool down a dog quickly take a wet towel or something and hold it against his belly. Even better yet you could get a damp towel and let him lay on it. It will cool him right down. You could also use a spray bottle and spray his belly and feet. This is one of the ways to cool down a dog quickly.


When leaving a dog in the car roll the windows down a third or leave the car running with the air on. It doesn’t take long for car to heat up and a dog to dehydrate. When on long trips make sure you have the windows down or the air on. Take extra bottles of water for your dog to drink and to apply to his extremities. On long trips make frequent stops and let him drink and walk him around.

Change his water frequently

Dogs want fresh water make sure you change it frequently even if his water dish is indoors. It can get warm and pretty slimy over a period of time. You may want to stick some ice cubes in his water. My dog loves to chomp on ice cubes themselves. Its another way of keeping him cool and keeping liquids in his system.

Different breeds

Naturally darker coated dogs retain heat faster than lighter coated breeds. Each dog may have different needs. Some dogs need to have their coat trimmed but than also you have to be careful they are not exposed to long to the suns hot rays. A dogs coat also provides some insulation from the heat to protect its sensitive skin. Just be aware so if your dog is getting dehydrated his eyes will become blood shot and his skin will begin to lose its elasticity. You have to watch when your dog becomes lethargic and excessive drooling he is becoming dehydrated.

Hot days

On really hot days when temps get high and humidity is also high try to keep your dog in adequate shelter. If he is an outside dog make sure he has a place to go to get out of the hot sun. Its best if you can to bring them indoors. Dogs would also enjoy a kiddie pool to run around in. Some dogs you won’t have to prompt others may not take to the water. Whatever the case make sure your dog has plenty of water and cool place to lay down and cool off.

Your dog needs to keep cool just as much as you do and probably more. Make sure you take the necessary steps to keep him cool.

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