How to Keep Your Home Pet Odor Free

Anyone who has owned a pet, whether it be a dog, cat, hamster, or other exotic creature knows how much fun and joy they can bring. However they can also carry a “pet smell” into your home. This becomes increasingly difficult when there are multiple animals that stay in the house the majority or all of the time. And in colder or warmer climates where the windows have to be closed to maintain the temperature controlling pet odors can seem virtually impossible. This article contains tips on how to deal with this issue, and I have been very successful using these techniques. You may wonder how I know these ideas work – I am an owner of multiple cats and dogs that stay indoors a majority of the time – and visitors are unaware that I have them until they are seen. First you have to realize there are several items that are going to readily absorb pet odor.

Furniture, carpeting, blankets, and fabrics are the major targets and can hold the most scent. The next issues is dealing with and removing it, which can be a difficult task. There are several items a pet owner should have readily available. Carpet deodorizer, spray on scent neutralizer, carpet cleaner, and room deodorizers. There is a big difference between the room deodorizer and the cleaner for the carpet. The former is used on a regular basis while the latter is for spot emergencies – the cat, dog, or other critter that gets sick on anything. Be aware when it comes to sick pets and items; sometimes it is better to replace the item because odor can remain even after a thorough cleaning, use your best judgment when it comes to this issue.

Before you begin there is a key item that should be used around your house which are room deodorizers. Avoid the overly fragrant or perfumed kind, use the ones that are meant to neutralize odor. Fragrances only mask the odor and in some instances can make the issue worse depending on the scent. If you have to use one that has a scent, pick the lightest one possible. I have had the most success with the room deodorizers that are on a timed mechanism that regularly spray the room, and they remain out of a curious pets reach. Other methods work as well, but keep in mind that your pet may or may not chew on them which could be dangerous to their health.

On that note, the following is a routine that can be used to keep your home pet friendly and odor free, use it and alter it to fit your routine.

Daily – Any obvious stains should be cleaned with the carpet or fabric cleaner. You do not need any fancy gadgets just make sure to follow the instructions and do not rub the stain, instead blot it. Rubbing the stain only embeds it deeper and makes it harder to get out. Cat owners need to make sure to clean the litter box since this is a prime area for the accumulation of odors. Take the waste immediately to an outside garbage or dumpster. If this is not possible put it in a bag that can be sealed and thrown in the trash.

Placing baking soda on the bottom of the trash can will reduce the amount of odor, it may not be the ideal solution but does limit the scent. Clean up any litter on the floor as well, not only to eliminate odors but to maintain a healthy home. Accidental contact with feces can cause illness, and is possible to avoid as long as everything is kept clean. If the litter box needs to be changed clean it thoroughly. Dumping out the litter and replacing it with new litter will not remove any accumulated scent. If you can not remove the scent with cleaning it is time to replace it since the odor has become embedded in the plastic and there is no way to remove it once that occurs.

Weekly – Vacuum all the furniture, carpets and other fabrics. On the Carpet spread an odor neutralizer and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and vacuum, do not use scented deodorizers for the same reason as mentioned above. Vacuum the furniture and spray with a fabric neutralizer. Finally wash all major fabric items such as bedding and blankets. It not only removes odor but pet fur as well, which will result in reduced allergies in the home. This may seem time consuming at first but is worth it in the long run. Also, use vacuum bags that contain baking soda and are filtered to reduce allergens and keep the odor down that is on anything that is picked up

Monthly – Clean the remaining fabric items such as drapes to remove accumulated odor and fur. You may not be able to smell it, but it is better to fight the odor issue before it even begins. Check the room deodorizers and replace as needed.

Keeping your home this clean may be a time consuming process, but it is better to take the time to do all of this rather than deal with allergies, pet dander, and odor. This also does not need to be an expensive process either. There is no need to buy all the fancy cleaning gizmo’s unless that is something you want to do. The key point to keep in mind is the cleaner the home – the more “invisible” the pets will be.

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