How to Keep Your Kids Occupied During a Snowstorm

There are numerous ways to fight cabin fever when you are forced to stay indoors during a blizzard, snowstorm, or other type of inclement weather. Keep your family from going stir crazy when the weather turns bad.

Stock up before the storm. Gather books, magazines, cards, family board games, toys and intriguing puzzles. Keep new purchases hidden and hand them out as the storm wears on.

Purchase a battery-operated DVD player. They’re lifesavers with children of all ages. Try the CyberHome 3.5-inch portable DVD player ($89, at Remember to pre-charge the battery pack.

Occupy children by involving them in storm preparation and precautions, letting them make meals and lead house checks.

Keep everyone on a schedule during multiday storms: three meals a day, family game time, movie time, enforced quiet time, homework/work time, bedtime. Children will stay calm with familiar and preferred activities.

Remember, a tired pet is a good pet, so have your children play hide-and-go-seek or soft-object fetch with Fido. Self-entertaining pet games like Talk-to-me-Treatball ($15-20 at are priceless through a gale.

Do a simple storm craft project. Select a theme, such as “Things you Eat,” and have kids make collages. Sit the family around a kitchen table with scissors, paste, poster board and magazines or newspapers.

Just because the weather is frightful doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside and watch the world go by. There are plenty of activities you and your family can do while you wait for the sunshine.

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