How to Keep the House Clean Without Cleaning All Day

Keeping a house clean might seem like an overwhelming feat for some, but it is not impossible. It does not have to be perfect from one end to the next. It does not have to be a cluttered mess either. I have a physical disability, but I also take pride in my home. I had to come up with practical ways to keep the house clean without cleaning all day. Use my easy shortcuts, tips and housekeeping tricks, and keep your house looking great without cleaning all day.

Set a Goal to Accomplish Just One Major Task Each Day

When trying to keep the house clean without cleaning all day, set realistic goals. I cannot clean the entire house in a single day, but I can accomplish one major task. You can do it too. It might be mopping the floors, vacuuming carpets or cleaning a single bathroom. The choice is yours. Set specific days for certain tasks, or do what you feel like doing. It is a good way to keep the house clean without cleaning all day. In just one week, nothing should become completely filthy.

Use Pretty Baskets to Contain and Control Clutter

Clutter can make a clean house appear dirty. Keep the home looking great by containing and controlling the clutter. It is difficult to completely eliminate, especially with kids in the home. Buy at least one sturdy woven basket for each room, and transform use them as clutter catchers. They are important tools when trying to keep a house clean without cleaning all day. Simply toss miscellaneous items into the baskets until they can be sorted and put away.

Fill the Dishwasher Instead of the Sink

When sinks and countertops are littered with dirty dishes, the kitchen will not look clean, even if it is otherwise spotless from top to bottom. Fill the dishwasher instead of the sink. It is much easier to keep the house cleaning without cleaning all day when dishes and other items are dealt with right away instead of hours later when food has hardened.

If you do not have a dishwasher, wash the dishes by hand as soon as possible, and do not bother drying them. Use a drainer or a mat, and allow them to dry naturally. Put them away as soon as they are dry to keep the house looking as clean as it truly is.

Mail, Laundry, Bathrooms and More

Sort the mail as soon as it arrives instead of allowing it to accumulate. If necessary, wash, dry, fold and put away one load of laundry each day. Clean the shower while you are in it, and use convenience cleaners as often as possible. Use a mop that is designed for use with disposable wipes, but to avoid wasting money and negatively impacting the environment with more trash, use a microfiber cloth instead.

These are just some of the ways that I keep my home clean without cleaning all day. It takes effort no matter the situation, but my methods work. I am a self-employed freelance writer and part time interior decorator, and I meet my goals. I also have time for knitting, crafting and spending time with my family. Use my shortcuts, tips and housecleaning tricks, and you can do it too.

Source: Personal Experience with a Physical Disability and Cleaning Shortcuts

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