How to Lose Weight Nutritionally

Try these delicious nutritional meals and watch the pounds disappear.

Cup of Tomato Soup and a Salad

One can of tomato soup with Basil and a bowl of salad

Mixed Salad:

  • Ã?· Lettuce/field greens
  • Ã?· Tomato
  • Ã?· Spinach
  • Ã?· Cucumbers
  • Ã?· Carrots (try them baked!)

Try the salad tossed with a tablespoon of wine vinegar and a teaspoon of mayonnaise. Croutons can be added to the salad or the soup.

This meal is light, nutritional and tasty! Enjoy!

Pea Soup and Carrots

Prepare the pea soup in a crock pot.


  • Ã?· One small onion
  • Ã?· Basil
  • Ã?· Pepper
  • Ã?· Four cloves of garlic
  • Ã?· Italian Season
  • Ã?· Parsley
  • Ã?· One ball of whole nutmeg
  • Ã?· Carrots

You can either bake the carrots as a side dish or cut the carrots up in the soup and let them cook. The seasons can be shaken into the crock pot of soup according to your preference. Put the whole nutmeg into the crock pot along with all the other seasons. Cook soup until peas are soft. Approximately four or five hours.


Baked Sweet Potatoes and Carrots
Along with a Salad

Start by baking four small carrots, (the long ones) and one sweet potato. Make a salad and put it on the plate with the carrots and sweet potato.


  • Ã?· Field greens
  • Ã?· Sliced tomato
  • Ã?· Cucumber
  • Ã?· Sliced onion

For the salad dressing, use a tablespoon of wine vinegar or regular vinegar and a little mayonnaise.
The combination of sweet potato carrot and salad is delightful!

Veggie Sandwich and a Cup of Soup

I kid you not, it’s delicious!

  • Ã?· Two slices of bread of your choice
  • Ã?· Lettuce
  • Ã?· One small cucumber
  • Ã?· One tomato
  • Ã?· Alfalfa sprout
  • Ã?· Mayonnaise
  • Ã?· Soup

Spread mayo on one side of two slices of bread and add slices of tomato, thin slices of cucumber, some lettuce and some alfalfa sprouts. Eat the sandwich along with a hot cup of tomato soup or a soup of your choice.
It’s good and nutritional!!

Final comments:

When trying to lose weight I recommend drinking water or a nutritional beverage an hour after a meal or fifteen minutes before a meal. Overall it’s healthier not to drink while eating. Let your food digest first. Avoid sodas and beverages with a lot of sugar.

More to come! Enjoy!

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