How to Maintain Your Lawn


You may thing that a perfect lawn is an impossible task. You aren’t alone. Countless number of us try but the problem is that we are not educated how to. In this article I will explain everything. Just sit back,relax, grab a cup of coffee, and read. You will have a perfect lawn in time. Have fun showing it off!


At the heart of all good lawn maintenance is proper watering. Without proper watering, no lawn will survive. Firstly you should know your lawn all year around. It is usually dormant all winter. During spring it does fine with the moisture in the air. During the summer, the sun sucks all that moisture out. A good watering system should replenish that. The basic water distributions systems are sprinklers. These are small plastic devices attached to a hose, which in turn is connected to a water faucet. Firstly have a good hose. Secondly, make sure sprinkler is customized to your lawns shape, size, and water needs. Today sprinkler have timers, control the distance they water, and be set to water a certain amount of lawn. If you decide to go further, think about and seriously consider installing a underwater sprinkler system. It turns on and off on its own. You don’t have to do a thing.

Now you should consider how much water your lawn need, and how often to water it. Most people water their lawn frequently but lightly. You think that you are doing the right thing, but you are doing the complete opposite. Doing this will make your grass develop shallow roots for water. This leaves the roots vulnerable to pest, disease, and drying out in the sun. You should actually water your lawn infrequently (once a week) and deeply. Give the grass one inch of water weekly. This should moisten the soil to a depth of six to eight inches. You can control your watering by placing a inch tall tuna can on your lawn. Once it is filled, stop watering. Lastly, please don’t over water. You will drown and suffocate the roots. This doesn’t allow them to get sun, oxygen, and nutrients from fertilizer.


Mowing your lawn makes sure your grass doesn’t become too tall. First decide what type of mower you want. A push mower is ideal for small lawns and good for the environment. But reports say that push mowers make grass too short. For larger lawns, go for a gas mower with more power. Push mowers just don’t have the power gas mowers do. Just remember these safety tips. First wear heavy footwear with good traction. Next wear yard gloves. Wear pants and full sleeve clothing for protection from flying debris. Lastly wear safety goggles. Never risk your eyes. Also make sure that your mower has necessary safety features like chute guards and deflectors. Now you are ready to mow your lawn.

Firstly, only mow your lawn when dry. Your engine has to work extra hard when your grass is set. You or your may slip, and your mower may malfunction. Secondly, keep your grass high, but lot too high or low. Two and one – half to three and one – half inches is ideal. Long grass provides more leaf area to allow more sunlight. This causes thicker, greener, healthier grass with deeper roots. Deeper roots are ideal because they help fight off disease, fend off drought by retaining more mater, and defend itself against pest damage.Another point is to mow frequently. The rule of thumb is to never cut more than one – third of the grasses hight. Also sharpen the mower’s blades at least once a year. Dull blades rip and injure grass. Sharp blades give a clean cut. Lastly, don’t bag the grass clippings. It is a natural fertilizers.


Fertilizing is the final component to a perfect lawn. Without this, the “perfect lawn” concept is impossible. Fertilizer provides the vital nutrients grass needs. The key element in fertilizer is Nitrogen. This helps give grass its greenness and thickens. Just keep in mind to buy slow release fertilizer with high nitrogen content. Also don’t over fertilize. It will do more bad than good. Remember to also get a good fertilizer distribution system. Too much fertilizer will burn the grass. Nobody wants a burnt lawn.


Thank You for reading my article. I hope you follow every tip and get a better lawn in no time. Remember, the secret is patience. Just wait.

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