How to Make Creative Thank You Cards After Your Baby Shower

After your baby shower is over and you have opened all of your gifts, and everything is home, it is time for you to start thinking about thank you notes. Most people are anxiously awaiting these notes, so the quicker you get them out the better. The best way to create your own is to first invest in the right kind of paper. You can begin by going to Staples, or any other stationary supply store.

They usually sell the specialty paper. You can find a design that you like. Make sure that you get the right number of paper and envelopes. You will probably be able to find a kit that will have everything you need. Some of these kits even include a CD that will help you set up and print your thank you notes. But if it does not it is still very simple to do yourself. After you have your paper then it is time to sit at the computer and begin typing. I would suggest that you use plain paper to print out a few practice sheets to make sure everything is lined up properly.

When it comes to the messages put in each note, you should try to make each one very personal. Remember they spent a lot of their time buying you a gift, and most baby items are not cheap. Besides it makes it a lot more special and personal. If you cant remember who bought you what then just try to vary what you write for who. Base whatever you write on your personal relationship with each individual. To help make it even more unique of an invitation, why not add a little something special, like a small added design or even better a picture of you setting up their gift.

I have done this on numerous occasions. What you do is have a friend take a picture of you in the room setting up their gift. Then if you have a computer program that is able to crop pictures, you can shrink it and crop it and add it to the thank you card. They will love the special extra added touch, and it will help to make each persons thank you card a little different. If you are too exhausted or tired to get this task accomplished , why not ask a close friend or relative to help. Try adding your own creative special touches. No one will know each individual as well as you do, so try and be creative.

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