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For all of the entrepreneurs out there looking to make money, I have a great site that you can put your mouth where your money is. is very similar to eBay except it’s not as well known. The main difference is that if you want to list many items and don’t want to pay the multitude of fees that EBay makes you pay, Amazon is right for you. Amazon is a much better site for selling books and items that aren’t huge prices tags attached to them like DVDs, clothing, and books. On, the only prices that you need to pay are the closing cost for selling your item on the Amazon site. This percentage isn’t even that much. If you sell a book for $20, the fee that Amazon takes from you is around $3. In addition, Amazon provides you money, which it takes out of the buyers pocket to ship the book. If you use media mail to ship the book instead of first class which costs more money, you will actually end up making money off the shipping costs. For example, gives you about $2.50 to ship a book that will cost you $1.50 to ship in the mail. On eBay, they charge you an insertion fee or initial fee just for posting an item on their site. on the other hand only will charge you a fee if you are a basic merchant if you sell an item. When you list something, you can compare your price to other buyers to sell your item for the lowest possible price if you need the money right away or simple want to get rid of your item.

I found to be extremely profitable. I had so many books that I had read at an earlier age just sitting around my apartment collecting dust. When I heard about I knew I was a perfect way to get rid of books taking up space in my house and make some money all at the same time. My online business expanded and I soon began selling CDs, DVDs, clothing and all types of things online. My business kept growing each month that I finally decided I needed to open a bigger online store through Amazon. For a flat monthly fee, I was able to list more items, and be creative with my advertisements for my items. Once I opened a store, the prices for bolding items or italicizing them became much less and I continued to sell so much stuff. In fact, once I read out of household items to sell, I decided to serf the web and buy items for wholesale which when I played around with the prices, I was able to make a decent profit when I sold each item individually. I still keep my regular job but my Amazon store really brings in a lot of profit for me each month.

If you are looking to make some extra cash each month, all you need is to go to, read their directions on how to set up an account, have a credit or debit card and set up a Pay pal account which is a 3rd party account, like a bank account but online in which money that you make goes into your account. Good luck to all!

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