How to Make New Crayons Out of Old Crayons

Did you ever wonder what you can do with all those small pieces of crayons that your kids have after they have used a crayon about as far as they can use it? All those little pieces of crayon can add up and it is a shame to throw those little crayons away. Those little pieces of crayon can be useful. You can make a fun project with them that you can do with your children. You can melt those old crayon pieces and make bigger crayons to color with. It is fun to do and easy to do but it involves heat so it has to be done with an adult.

All you need to make new crayons out of old crayons is a Styrofoam egg carton, some old metal containers like cans, a pan that has water in it for under the metal containers and the crayon pieces.

The first thing you need to do is spread the old crayon pieces out and sort them into piles. Put the yellow crayons in a pile and the red crayons in another pile and so on. After you have your old crayon pieces sorted out you can take them and peel off any remaining paper that may be on them. Keep them in there separate piles and throw the paper away. Put the color of your choice in one of the metal containers and put that metal container in the pan of water over a heat source like a stove burner. Let the crayon pieces melt. As they are melting you can take the egg carton and put it on some newspapers in case any crayon spills as you pour the hot melted crayon in the egg compartments. After the crayon pieces are melted and the egg carton is in position you can carefully pour the hot melted crayon into the egg compartments.

If you wish you can melt together crayon pieces of different colors and see what you get. Like if you melt red and yellow together you will get a orange crayon and if you melt blue and red together you will get a purple crayon.

You can keep doing this process with all the crayon colors you have. In the end you should have some really nice crayons in the shape of half circles that you can use to color with.

This can be a fun project to do with you children but since it involves hot melted crayon you must be careful not to get burned.

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