How to Make Slip-Proof Socks

Slip-proof socks are the way to go if you have kids or if you like to walk around in your stocking feet. The socks can be purchased but are much more expensive than regular socks. There’s a couple of ways you can make the no-slip socks yourself, save money, and have the most unique designs.

To make slip-proof socks choose socks that are fairly thick. Fabric paints are one way to ensure safety when walking around in stocking feet. Launder the socks once before applying the paints. Lay the socks where they are as flat as possible, bottom side pointing upwards. Fabric paints come in various colors, styles and shades, so you have quite a large selection from which to choose. Glow-in-the-dark paints are great for kids but the best type is the “puffy” paints that swell somewhat while drying.

Don’t put the paint on in a thick coat or the swelling of the paints will be too much and will feel uncomfortable when walking. Make any pattern you wish on the bottom of the socks. Use stencils to help you with the designs or draw them free-hand. The paints are easy to use because they’re in a tube that you can simply squeeze to make the patterns. You can put small or large dots all over the socks, zig-zags, paw print shapes, or random designs.

One easy design to do is to make a foot shape on the bottom of the sock then go inside the borders of that shape to make another. Continue to make the foot shapes until they are very tiny, in the center of the sock. Allow the paints to dry for at least 48 hours before wearing them. Do not launder for at least 72 hours.

Another way to make the slip-proof socks is to use small pieces of rubber for the sock bottoms. You can find the rubber, in a roll, where adhesive shelf paper is found. The rubber comes in many colors and is easy to cut and use. Cut out an entire foot shape or just random designs. Use washable fabric glue to stick the rubber to the soles of the socks.

The rubber shapes are suitable for more than just socks. Use the rubber on slippers, loafers, sandals or heels. Just cut a small shape for the toe area of high heels and you’ll be safer when wearing them. Use a color similar to the soles of the heels so the rubber isn’t so noticeable.

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