How-to Make Your Own Decals

Materials Needed: Inkjet Printer, Water slide Inkjet Decal Paper, Graphics software such as Photoshop MS Word or similar, Image, Decal Coating, Scissors, Water.

First, you will need to design your decal using any graphic software program such as Photoshop, MS Word or similar. You will then need to insert your decal paper into your inkjet printer. Make sure you print with the correct settings, specifically the highest dpi resolution.

Next, you will need to cut your decal to size. Then with your spray, evenly coat the decal lightly 3-4 times until the sheet and decal have a shine.

Soak your decal in water for about a minute or until the backing slides off.

Apply the water slip adhesive side of your decal to your clean surface. Optionally you may choose to apply a gloss coat (found at a hobby shop). You will need to let this dry.

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