How to Make Your Own Homemade Door Knocker

When I think of a door knocker, images of TV’s “The Munsters” creepy dwelling and Jacob Marley’s front door pop immediately into my mind. I’ve seen many door knockers in my time, but these are two of the most memorable by far.

You’ve probably seen many of these age-old items yourself. I don’t have one on my front door right now, but you just might. If you’re not sure what a door knocker is, it’s a two-piece device that enables visitors to knock on a door without using their hands. One part is attached to the door, while the second piece is the knocker part. When the knocker is raised up and then lowered to meet the door, it makes a noise.

Door knockers are usually pretty standard nowadays. They are manufactured by using brass, or some other weighted metal, and they all are rectangular in shape with a hinged oval-shaped knocker. They’re just not interesting and unique like they used to be.

Instead of buying one that’s boring and looks like your neighbor’s, why not make your own homemade door knocker? They’re not only made for the outside of exit doors, you know. Kids and teenagers who like their privacy appreciate door knockers on their bedroom doors as well!

The easiest medium for most people to work with is wood. You can make your own knocker by using most any kind of wood. You’ll need a piece that’s about a half inch thick. It should measure
eight inches long and be six inches wide. This piece will serve as the base.

The next step in this project is to pick your favorite symbol. This can be a favorite flower, animal, Zodiac sign, number, and so on. For an example, let’s say that you love teddy bears. I’ll show you how to make your own teddy bear door knocker.

Take the base piece of wood, a ruler and a pencil. Measure from the edge inwards two inches on every side; mark with the pencil. Next, use the ruler to connect the marks by drawing straight lines. Use an electric saw to – or have someone else- cut out the inside rectangle of wood that you have outlined.

On that inside rectangle, you’ll need to either draw or outline a picture of a small teddy bear. Most any picture will work, but the best one will have the bear sitting down with its feet stuck out in front of it.

You’ll need a second piece of wood to trace only the teddy bear’s feet on. Then, the bear and the feet pieces will need to be cut out too. Position the feet piece on top of the full bear. Secure the two together by using wood glue. Set this aside and allow the glue to dry undisturbed.

Once the glue has dried completely, it’s time to put your door knocker together. Use a fine piece of sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges on the wood pieces. Then, flip the wood bear over. Use a screwdriver to attach a small hinge to the underside of the top of the bear’s head. The other end of the hinge will be attached to inside of the frame. After the hinge is in place, the bear will swing up and down by pulling up on its feet.

The next step is to use paint to decorate your teddy bear door knocker. If it’s going to be hung on an inside door, you can use acrylic paints. Otherwise, if it’s going to be hung on an exit door, you’ll need to use a good enamel paint to protect the wood from the elements.

You should paint the frame, as well as the bear. Any color will work for the frame, but a light color will make your homemade bear stand out better. Add details such as eyes, eyelashes, a nose, mouth, et cetera, to your bear for realism. If you choose, you can paint a little outfit on it.

Finally, after the paint has dried, your homemade door knocker will need a hanger attached to the back of it. Then, it will be ready for use!

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