How to Make Your Own Potpourri Bags

If you like to put potpourri in some of your drawers or have it displayed on your tables, then why not make your own potpourri bags. Potpourri bags are not very hard to make, as long as you know how to work a sewing machine. Making your own potpourri bag gives you the ability to decorate with different styles and colors when you choose. You can add your own personality to the bags.

Potpourri bags also make a great homemade gift for someone. Give them as a house warming gift, a hostess gift or even for a bridal shower. If you don’t mind making several of them, they can also be given for party favors at such things like a bridal shower or baby shower.

Here is how you can make your own potpourri bags.

Materials Needed:

1/4 yard of chiffon in the color or pattern of your choice
Batting scrap (optional)
Sewing machine
Quilting thread
Potpourri mix
1/3 yard of narrow ribbon or string


1. Measure and cut a piece of the chiffon fabric into a rectangle that measures 7 x 22 inches.

2. Fold the chiffon in half vertically so that the fabric now measures 7 x 11 inches. Stitch along the short raw edge using a sewing machine. Turn it right side out and press.

3. If you want a pattern of object sewed onto your potpourri bag, you can do so in this step. If you want just a plain potpourri bag, then skip this step and go to the next one. Trace a desired template for your design on your potpourri bag, and then cut it out. Pin the pattern to the batting scrap and cut out the shape of the design or object. Place the design where you want it on the bag (usually in the center) in between the layers of the fabric. Pin it in place. Hand sew around the batting shape using the quilting thread. If desired you could also quilt the shape on, using different quilt stitches.

4. Fold the rectangle horizontally, so that the right sides are together. Stitch the side and bottom of the potpourri bag using the sewing machine. Turn your bag right side out.

5. Fill your bag with a store bought mix of potpourri or one that you have made yourself. Tie the bag closed with the narrow ribbon or string. The bag can be placed in a drawer to make your clothes smell fresh or place a few of them on a table for decoration.

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