How to Make Your Own Standing Snowman Family

This a cute and quirky project for adding to your Christmas lawn decor. The standing snowman family of three will make you the envy of the neighborhood. It’s fairly inexpensive and easy to do.

3 Cement Column Forms In Different Heights (small, medium, large)
3 Winter Knit Hats (must be stretchy)
3 Winter Knit Scarves
3 Wooden Stakes
1 Quart Of White Paint
1 Small Bottle Of Rosy Colored Acrylic Paint
1 Small Bottle Of Black Acrylic Paint
1 Small Bottle Of Orange Acrylic Paint
3 Sponge Brushes
3 Plastic Grocery Bags
2 Bags of Polyfill
1 Quart Of Polyurethane
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
3 Artist Brushes
Rubber Mallet

First step is to take your cement forms and sponge brush and give them two to three good coats of white paint. Being sure to cover the entire form. Try adding some creativity to this step maybe by adding some iridescent sparkles to the white paint, so when light shines off them it will look like glittery snow. Put aside and let dry.

After they have dried go in with an artist brush and black paint, paint them there two button eyes and mouth made out of coal. Don’t forget to give mom some light rosy cheeks.

Next taking the second artists brush and orange paint, give them there carrot noses, and let dry.

They have to have hats, and also these hats will protect the inside of the column from wetness and moisture. Take your polyfill and plastic bags and fill the bag just enough so it will fit inside the knit hats giving it a natural round shaped form. Tie the plastic bag in a good knot. Stuff inside the knit hats, giving it a little hot glue and assemble on top of the head. Seam the hat closed by pulling the hat a 1/4 inch down around the top of the form, and giving it a nice coating of hot glue.

Now assemble there scarves by wrapping them around the column a few inches down from the mouth. Tie your scarf in a knot or however you’d like and again with the hot glue give it a nice thick coating to hold those scarves on.

We have to protect them from the elements of mother nature, by doing so take a sponge brush and polyurethane and give them each a good three coats, in a well ventilated area. Don’t forget to give the hats and scarves three coatings of polyurethane as well. This will take two to three days to dry completely.

After all is dry take your three stakes and rubber mallet and gently tap into the ground making sure they are very sturdy. All stakes should meet the middle of the columns. This is to make sure they will not tip or blow over. Raise your snowman up and over the stake. And there you have it…..The Snowman Family.

By adding more paint colors you can choose to paint them jacket’s, Clothes, etc…etc…. Just add some imagination or imitate your favorite snowman collection.

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