How to Make Your Own Unity Candle for Less

Weddings are expensive. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that you pay an arm and a leg for everything; in fact it’s not unheard of to pay $100 for a candle with a ribbon around it and the title “designer unity candle.” Tired of paying too much? Need to stretch the wedding budget a little bit further? Why not make your own unity candle? It’s a great addition to any wedding ceremony as you unite the two flames into one, symbolizing your eternal love for each other. Here is an idea for a homemade unity candle that will awe your guests, but not break your bank account.

Step 1. Purchase a large white pillar candle and two tapered candles. You can find them inexpensively priced at any craft or superstore where candles are found. They don’t need to be fancy. Also, you’ll want to purchase a basic base for both. I went for simple glass candle holders for mine. You’ll also want to purchase some ribbon. You use traditional white or add a little fun and personality with some colors. I went with pink in my unity candle, as my colors were pink and green.

Step 2. To create a beautiful unity set just tie the ribbon around the candle with a simple bow.

Step 3. Securing the candle is simple. Just melt the spots you wish to secure it to and stick the ribbon to them, the wax will hold the ribbon in place. If all else fails, you can also use clear tape on the back where no one will see it.

Step 4. Embellish the tapered candles by tying the ribbon to the base of the candle holders to complete the set.

When you’re finished you’ll have an easy unity candle set that you’ll love and people will think you paid a fortune for. You can embellish the candle by sticking fake flowers to the candle instead of the bow, using wire and ribbon to secure it. Or, you can make more of a decorated base by creating a wreath of wedding flowers below it. The possibilities are endless, but not too expensive.

As you’re getting ready for your wedding, it’s good to remember that not everything needs to cost a fortune. With a little bit of creativity you can make some beautiful elements that you’ll cherish all the more because they were made by your own two hands.

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