How to Make Your Toilet Boil Sparkle

Cleaning a toilet bowl, especially one which has not been cleaned for quite some time, can be a pretty difficult task. There are however some tricks and easier ways to do it. That’s why it’s important that you learn how to make your toilet bowl sparkle. This is by far the easiest method that I have ever found, it only takes about 12 minutes and will leave your toilet looking like it is brand new.

First things first, for this method you’ll need a Brillo pad (this would be one of the traditional kinds, one of those green scrubbies you use for dishes), a plunger and some Comet. Assuming you already have a plunger these materials will run you well under $10 and can be used quite a few times. Rubber gloves are optional but I would certainly recommend them anytime you clean a toilet. I find this to be by far the easiest way to clean any toilet, no matter what condition it’s in.

Now to start off go ahead and plunge your toilet until all of the water is drained from the bowl. A great technique for this is to plunge vigorously at first, this will remove most of the water, and then slow and powerful plunges for that last little remaining bit. The more water you get out the deeper into the bowl you can clean. If done properly you should be able to remove all the water from the neck at the bottom and be able to clean every visible area inside your toilet bowl. Now you are going to want to give a liberal squirt of Comet around the top on the inside of the bowl. Take the Brillo pad now, please wear gloves, and put it into the water. Bring it back out and start scrubbing the comet in circular motions. Be sure to get the rim of the bowl as well, this will really make it sparkle. Let this sit for about 10 minutes. After that go ahead and wipe off the rim of the toilet and anyplace it may have dripped with some paper towels or a rag and flush your toilet.

That’s all there is to it, a simple 12 minute method (only about 2 minutes of cleaning and 10 minutes of letting it sit) for making your toilet bowl sparkle and look like new. You can rinse and save the Brillo pad and have enough use out of the pad and bottle of Comet to last about a year.

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