How to Make a Coffee Maker from a Plastic Bottle

Sometimes you really need coffee. A broken coffee maker can ruin your your morning. Or you could be traveling or camping and not have access to a coffee maker or a coffee shop to satisfy your craving. If any of these things happen to you, or you just want to experiment with alternative coffee brewing techniques, there is a very quick and simple way to make coffee using a plastic bottle.

In order to make your alternative coffee maker you will need a few supplies: a plastic bottle, a coffee filter, a knife or pair of scissors, hot water and of course coffee. Most plastic bottles used for sodas should work fine. They can stand high enough water temperatures to make coffee without melting. Also you will need a coffee filter and the coffee itself. Choose the size plastic bottle to appropriately match the coffee filters you will be using and the amount of coffee you are making.

Clean out the plastic bottle. Then, using a knife or the scissors cut the bottle in half. Turn the top half of the bottle upside down so the mouth becomes a funnel. Place the funnel into the bottom half of the cut bottle, and place the coffee filter into the funnel. When you cut the bottle make sure you cut it at a location where the funnel piece will not fall into the bottom part but will rest nicely on the top. You might have to distort the funnel piece a little to make it fit correctly. You could even resort to taping it in place if you need to.

Once everything is set up you are ready to brew. Add the amount of coffee you need to the filter. Press down on it slightly to compress the coffee, but be careful not to rip through the filter. Now slowly add hot water a little at a time. If you add too much at once it won’t go through the filter fast enough and could overflow. Make sure you add the correct amount of water for how much coffee you have and how strong or weak you want it to be.

Once all the water has passed through the filter your fresh hot coffee is ready to enjoy! Your new coffee brewer is not only helping to make sure you get your daily caffeine fix, it is also helping the environment by giving you a way to reuse plastic bottles.

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