How to Make a Hockey Stick Curtain Rod

This simple hockey stick curtain rod is the perfect addition to a hockey themed kid’s room. Whether you have any crafting skills or not, you should easily be able to make this simple and affordable hockey stick curtain rod. To save money scout for used hockey sticks at yard sales, flea markets, and the local Goodwill store. You could also use existing old hockey sticks your kids may have outgrown.

One of the best window treatment tricks I can tell you is to not be tied down by the width of your existing windows. You can give more importance and prominence to any window by simple hanging a curtain rod that is wider than the window. So, don’t feel like you have to cut your hockey sticks down to size to make them fit your window. Center them evenly, so that equal parts of the hockey stick reach out on either is of the window.

To Make a Hockey Stick Curtain Rod You Will Need:

1 Hockey Stick
Power Drill
½ inch drill bit
2 wood curtain rod brackets or 2 metal curtain rod brackets
Curtain rod (optional)
Tape measure
Black Marker

Ok, so this simple hockey stick curtain rod can easily be made into a double curtain rod that holds 2 sets of curtains, there will instructions for this as well.

Now, the first step is to determine how wide your curtain rod will be. As said before you can use the whole hockey stick or cut off some of the handle to shorten the length.

Now, go ahead and install you wood or metal curtain hardware onto the wall, just like if you were intending to put a regular curtain rod in it.

Now, measure the distance between the two pieces of curtain hardware. Use those measurements to drill a hole in each end of your hockey stick.

Now, if you used a wooden curtain hardware bracket then you can pre drill a small hole through the front of the bracket and us a screw inserted through the front of the hockey stick and into this hole to attach the hockey stick as a curtain rod. If you use a metal curtain rod hardware hook, then try to find the kind that have a hole for adjustments in the front. You can insert your screw though this and put a nut on the back to hold the screw in place. If you want to use some existing metal curtain rod hardware that has not hole, then epoxy the hockey stick to the metal hardware. Use twine to wrap around it and hold it in place. Make an X shape by wrapping the twine at two different angles around the hockey stick and the hardware.

Now, you have your single curtain rod. To turn this into a double curtain rod you could simple insert the curtain rod behind the hockey stick into the waiting hardware brackets.

This second rod is perfect for sheers.


If you have to go the epoxy method, then make sure you install the curtain hooks or the actual curtain itself on the hockey stick before you epoxy the handle in place. If you forget you can always use twine loops to tie on the hockey stick curtain rod that can hold the curtain in place.

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