How to Make a Homemade Snowman

I bought jars of Planters Peanuts this holiday season, and I ended up with several tall jars I didn’t know what to do with. We don’t have glass recycling in our community, and I hated to just toss them out. After I visited a crafty friend over the holidays, now I have a use for them! Read this instructive article and learn how to make a homemade snowman and recycle those Planters Peanuts jars!

Materials and Equipment You’ll Need

1) Planter’s Peanut Jar- Some of these clear jars are plain, while others look like Mr. Peanut; either type of jar works fine. Wash the empty jar in hot soapy water, rinse, and allow it to completely air dry.

2) Four Flat Buttons – About a 1/2 inch in diameter; colors and styles of your choice.

3) Two Black or Dark Beads

4) Half of an Orange Pipe Cleaner

5) Square of Green Material for Hat- Large Enough to Go Around Jar Top

6) Red Fabric for Scarf – Thin, But Long Enough to Go Around the Jar Plus a Few Inches

7) White Tube Sock for the Body Covering

8) Pom Pom

9) Rubberbands

10) Hot Glue Gun

Steps on How to Make a Homemade Snowman

1) Turn the white tube sock inside out- the rough side will look more like snow than the smooth side. Then, carefully stretch the sock over the the clean, dry Planters Peanuts jar, starting at the bottom of the jar. Bunch the top of the tube sock together and place it on the jar lid.

2) Take the square of green cloth and make the snowman’s hat. To do this, lay the cloth evenly over the top of the jar. Pick it up by its middle using your thumb and forefinger. Place a thin rubberband around the cloth, near the bottom. Next, carefully turn the green cloth inside out. Place the bottom over the jar top and rubberband it in place. Tuck the sides of the material up into the hat to hide them. To finish the hat, slightly flatten the top and hot glue the pom pom right in the middle.

3) The next step, to continue making a homemade snowman using a Planters Peanuts jar, is to tie a small knot in each end of the red fabric. Place the material around the middle of the jar and tie it loosely. You can use the hot glue gun to permanently attach the scarf if you wish.

4) Use the hot glue gun and the black or dark beads to attach two eyes on your homemade snowman’s face.

5) Then, take the half of a pipe cleaner and wrap it around a pencil. Start at the lead end and wrap the pipe cleaner so it doesn’t overlap; slide it off. Glue the larger end onto the snowman’s face to create his nose.

6) Finally, to finish making your homemade snowman using a recycled Planters Peanuts jar, use the hot glue gun to attach the four flat buttons on its front.

There you have it- an easy, “no-sew” way to reuse those jars. This craft idea would also work with any type of tall, glass jar you may have.

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