How to Make a Paper Flower Bouquet Using Coffee Filters

Coffee filters make fun and frilly paper flowers perfect for a Valentine’s Day bouquet of flowers. If you are looking for a fun paper flower craft, then check out this simple and easy to make paper flower bouquets made from plain old coffee filters.

To Make Coffee Filter Paper Flowers You Will Need:

Coffee Filter

Floral Wire

Watercolor paint

Paint Brush

Spray bottle

Green pipe cleaners

To get started you want to lay out one coffee filter for each paper flower you will be making. You can use white filters if you want your flowers to be bright and spring like. For more vintage paper flowers you can use brown or natural colored coffee filters.

Now, mix up your water color paint. Dip the brush in the water color paint and drag it lightly along the edges of the paper coffee filter. You wan tithe brightness of the water color to seep into the edges of the coffee filter.

You can also fill a spray bottle with water color paint and start spritzing the coffee filters. This will create a spotted and speckled effect, which is really cool on the coffee filter flowers.

Finally, try watering your water cool paint down with some more water. Spread this lighter version of your paint color anywhere you wanton the paper coffee filter.

Let the paint and coffee filter flower sit and dry. This will not take too long.

Now, take the dried coffee filter and start bunching up the top so that the top edge of the filter is all pressed together. The bottom will be a cone like shape.

Twist the bottom cone like shape and use a small piece of floral wire to wrap around this and tie it into place.

Your paper flower is formed! It looks like a carnation!

Now, trim any excess of the paper off the bottom, at the bas of the cone, wheel it may be too long.

To cover the base of this easy paper flower you needed one 18 inch green pipe cleaner. Star at the top, right under the flower bud and start wrapping it around the flower. Wrap the flower until you are no longer wrapping paper. The rest of the pipe cleaner can be the stem of the coffee filter paper flower.

You can add leaves with more green pip cleaners. Take one 1 inch pipe cleaner and tie it around the middle of the paper flower stem. Take one side of the pipe cleaner and fold it into a leaf. Take the other end of the pipe cleaner and wrap it around a pencil to make a fun curly cue shape!

You can make 12 of these simple paper flowers to make a paper flower bouquet!

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