How to Make a Shoe Box House

To make your mini estate you will need:

a foam board at least 20×30 depending on the size of your shoeboxes

1 plastic baggie(sealable kind)

2-3 shoe boxes top and bottom of the box if you want a roof

1 bag of Easter basket grass

1 bottle of Blue gel glue(if you can’t find the blue kind get the reg. white and drop in 2-3 drops of food coloring)

1 reg. glue stick

and crazy glue(Part of step 1, adult only)

1.Take you plastic baggie pour in the blue glue, seal it then glue the opening with crazy glue and let dry.

2.Take the bottom of your boxes glue them to a suitable area of the board(the boxes should be together but don’t have to be parallel)

3. Draw your walkway, or you could also use brown and cream playdough(mix brown and white to get the cream) to make the walkway look more real.

4.Cut an opening in in the boxes where they meet to make them connect as “rooms” in your house. If you have 3 boxes then you need to cut two openings instead of one

5.Make you furniture out of Playdough or buy doll house furniture from a craft store.

6. Take the baggie full of glue, glue it somewhere in your backyard on the board.

7. Take your glue stick and run in across your whole board…. glue your Easter grass to the board.

8. Put all the finishing touches on it. Make little pictures for the walls, paint the rooms, or make a driveway from black construction paper for a little toy car, the ideas are endless! If you want you can even take tooth picks and put marshmallows on the tips and stick them in the board along your walkway as lights!

I hope you have fun…..

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