How to Make a Two -Tier Pillar Candle Centerpiece

Candles and candle bases are two of the most popular home accents that people purchase. Mirrors are another form of home accents that people purchase for their homes.

When the candles, candle bases, and small mirrors are combined to create a center piece for your dining room or coffee table, you can create a plethora of different centerpieces. The embellishments that you can purchase can make the most unique centerpiece for your tables.

However, you will want to make sure the embellishments you choose for this craft project are flame retardant. As the candles burn down, you will have the hot wax flowing from the sides of your pillar candles at some point.

The melting wax can cause plastic embellishments, such as fruits or other plastic pieces to melt from the heat. This can possibly cause these items to catch fire from the heat of the wax or from the heat of the candle.

The best thing about tiered pillar candle centerpieces is they can be changed out to fit your mood, for holidays or season changes. Every component of the two-tiered candle centerpieces can be interchangeable.

Materials for the Two-Tier Pillar Candle Centerpiece

� Large or medium round or square pillar candles. The larger or medium pillar candles will be used for the base of the centerpiece.
� Medium or small round or square candles. These candles can be pillar candles can b the candles that you can purchase in jars or without jars. The jar candles will not work to well for the base due to the way the lids are constructed for the jars. The lids could cause the upper base to slide off.
� Candle Bases. The bottom base for the candles will need to be fire resistant. If you wish to use more than one candle for the base, purchase a large base that the candles can sit on. For the upper base, you can use the same or smaller base for the candles.

NOTE: I mentioned the use of mirrors earlier as a part of making this craft project. There are companies that make mirrored candle bases for pillar candles. I did find some different styles of these bases at a Dollar Store.

Directions for the Two-Tier Pillar Candle Centerpiece

Start by sitting the bottom base for the pillar candles on a flat surface, preferably on the table where you want it.

Sit the pillar candle in the center of the base.

Sit the smaller base on top of the pillar candle and place the smaller pillar candle in the center of the base. If there is any movement of this base and candle, remove the candle and add just a little bit of pressure to the base. This can help the base adhere slightly to the bottom candle and replace the candle.

If you chose any added decorations for the pillar candle centerpiece, place them in a fashion that is pleasing to the eye. If the arrangement looks nice, pretty, appealing, and soothing to you, the centerpiece is completed.

You do not actually have to light the pillar candles if you would rather not ruin the look of the centerpiece. By not lighting the candles, you will not have to replace them during the use of the centerpiece.

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